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Episode 15 – Lost In Space

60s Reboot

The Fifteenth episode of 60’s Reboot

Lost in Space

Super-friend to the show, Joe B. returns with Matt D. to discuss all things Lost. The two gentlemen sit down and review the classic 1960’s campy space age family show.

Starring Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Bill Mummy

Joe and Matt discuss this spacey version of Swiss Family Robinson, and what would make for a modern version of the show. Their own minds create an interesting cast of characters. The two explorers evaluate the original show and what would make for a similar show with he same kind of budget.

Also they play a trivia pursuit type game to intro the series. What kind of pie would you have ?

So zip up your silver space suit, strap in to your rocket seat and blast off as we get Lost In Space.

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Discussed in this episode...

Lost in Space (1965) Poster
Lost in Space (1965)
The space family Robinson is sent on a five-year mission to find a new planet to colonise. The voyage is sabotaged time and again by an inept stowaway, Dr. Zachary Smith. The family's spaceship, Jupiter II, also carries a friendly robot who endures an endless stream of abuse from Dr. Smith, but is a trusted companion of young Will Robinson.

More details at TMDb.