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Book vs Movie “The Color Purple”

The Margos finally take on the Alice Walker classic The Color Purple which won both the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the National Book Award in 1983. It went...

Comics With My Kids Episode 9 – NWI Comic Con

The whole family packed our bags and headed to the North West Indian Comic Con.

Movie Guys Podcast Logo
Movie Guys Podcast – Birds of Prey

Join Movie Guys Podcast as they introduce a brand new popcorn rating (a bag of kernels) which Jordan gave Birds of Prey. Of course not all the host agree...

That Music Podcast
That Music Podcast Episode 3

Zach Takes and Kevin Wilder are back for episode 3 of the That Music Podcast! This week we're talking our thoughts on some of this years Grammy award winners,...

The Movie Madhouse Episode 317

This week We have a quick interview with Gough all the way from Australia, talking about his new project "How To Treat Women". Then the boys discuss time travel...

Marked Out Wrestling Podcast
E483: Who Won Wednesday? 2/19/20

The guys are back inside the smokey confines of Y-Table Studio discussing everything you need to know about the 2/19/20 episodes of NXT and AEW Dynamite.

SWR 288: IPW at The Whammy Bar Preview, Austin fouts joins us to talk Rugged Pro, AEW, NXT and more

This week we preview the IPW show at the Whammy Bar in Crystal Lake, IA. Austin fouts joins us to talk Rugged Pro Wrestling training academy and much more!


Keith Linder was just an average guy who moved to Washington State to build a life, and he was well on his way when he and his girlfriend Tina...

ReTrek Podcast
Star Trek Picard, Absolute Candour

The adventures of Jean-Luc Picard continue! In this week’s episode we take a look at ‘Absolute Candour’.

Transit Family

This week Roman and Rob discuss the #TransitChallange, Family Day, weight loss and much, much more!