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Vampires and Zombies

Vampires and Zombies don't get along. About 3 minutes. Written and produced by Robert Crandall All Rights Reserved ...
Marked Out Wrestling Podcast


Join hosts Brian (@MarkedOutBT), Kyle (@kylesprescott) and M.J. (@vileLazarus) as the guys discuss AEW's Homecoming show, as well as random headlines in the wrestling world! _______________________________________________________________ 8/20 & 8/21- G... ...

Book Vs Movie “Dog Day Afternoon” (1976) Al Pacino

Book Vs Movie: “Dog Day Afternoon” The Classic Hollywood 1974 film Vs “The Boys in the Bank” from 1972 article from Life Magazine . ...
Movie Guys Podcast Logo

Movie Guys Podcast – Black Widow

We thought that we would be getting a movie kinda like Red Sparrow. However Black Widow is a family drama with some really great action. Has Marvel done it again? Have they pulled of another great film here? Both Eric and Jordan really liked this film ... ...
ReTrek Podcast

Lower Decks and Prodigy Trailers

In this week’s episode we take a look at the new trailers for Lower Decks and Prodigy

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... ...

Mistress of the Universe – Nights

Last week, Netflix debuted “part 1” of Masters of the Universe: Revelation and all the angry fanboys collectively lost their minds. How dare Kevin Smith focus on a guuuurl in their He-man cartoon? How dare they attempt to inject character arcs... ...

SWR Presents Rugged Pro Preview Show 8.03.21

Zach Takes is joined by Austin Fouts to break down this weekends huge show in Marshalltown, Iowa!

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1980s Movie Graveyard Cover

Video Violence

Zach and Goat uncover the amazing 1980s independent horror gem, Video Violence. This pioneering shot on video horror film has a brilliant plot revolving around a video store owner who uncovers an evil conspiracy when a snuff film is accidentally return... ...

The Movie Madhouse #384 – Recasting Blade Runner with Stefan MacDonald-Labelle

Stefan MacDonald-Labelle from the Drag Mitch to Hell podcast joins the boys as they tackle recasting one of Stefan's favorite movies, Blade Runner ...

The Movie Madhouse #383 – Top moments from Star Wars & Star Trek

The Boys run through their top moments from the biggest franchises in Sci-Fi. ...