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The Movie Madhouse Episode 311

Jason and Rob are joined by Tyler Smith for a Trailer episode. Lots of trailers for lots of film.

Marked Out Wrestling Podcast

Adam and Brian discuss the episodes of Smackdown and RAW leading up to the big TLC ppv this weekend. The guys give their TLC predictions, Brian reminisces about the...

The Smoking Monkey known as Drunky the Monkey

Droids Canada discusses where they should never get punched, Jean Claude Van Damme impersonations, CRA phone scams for iTunes Gift Cards, and how small towns can benefit from having...

Friday the 13th Special Part II

The Grawlix Cinematic Universe explores the “Tommy Jarvis trilogy” of Friday the 13th Parts 4, 5, and 6.

Book vs Movie “Christmas With the Kranks” Vs “Skipping Christmas”

Christmas With the Kranks. Yes, the 2004 movie is based on a book!

Weekly Playlise
Weekly Podcast Playlist November 30th – December 6th

The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for the week of November 30th to December 6th.

Gallifrey Stands -Ep287- Doctor Who RPG – Part 8: The Wedding of Mary Queen of Scotts

In the last part of our Doctor Who roleplaying game, the Cybermen are thwarted, the Queen heads to the altar and the Doctor now has a golden screwdriver

Vicious Circle Podcast on EMC
Episode 15

In part 2 of a 3 part phone call with Barry Norman, Sid Eudy talks about the origin of their book, the podcast and his grandbaby.

JWJ Episode 61-Interview with Maru!

Josh is joined by RCCW's own, Maru, as they discuss his path into the business and his current iteration in RCCW.

Special Episode #2: Pestering Hester

What do Hobo Superheroes, The Swamp Thing, and the new body horror comic Family Tree, have in common?  These are just some of the gems from my conversation with...