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There Is Only One, Elizabeth Gracen

That's right moose pack, we enter the game once again, this time with the lovely, , and beautiful Elizabeth Gracen, who played the spontaneous and adventurous Amanda in Highlander and Highlander: The Raven.  We talk about her rise from the pageant circ... ...

Butch Patrick: Hot Rods, Munsters, and Remakes, Oh My!!

That's right Horror Hounds, this month I am joined by none other than Eddie Munster himself, Mr. Butch Patrick!!! Sit back and listen to us chat about his love of motors and his time spent with the legendary George Barris, being Eddie Munster and more. ...
1980s Movie Graveyard Cover


Zach and Goat time travel to the future year of 2009 to examine the amazing body snatching mystery of Freejack starring action film icon Mick Jagger! This forgotten gem of a film would predict many of the events that have shaped our society in modern t... ...
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Movie Guys Podcast – A Quiet Place Part II

Was this the part 2 that we were asking for? Does the second film answer any questions left over from the fist film? Why was this made anyway? We answer all these questions and more in this episode. We break down everything in this episode. When It com... ...
ReTrek Podcast

The Spy Humongous (Lower Decks) and Skin of Evil (TNG)

In this week’s episode we take a look at The Spy Humongous (Lower Decks) and Skin of Evil (TNG).

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Marked Out Wrestling Podcast


Join hosts Brian (@MarkedOutBT) and M.J. (@vileLazarus) as they give their predictions for AEW Grand Slam! ...
Doctor Squee Podcast

Ep66- John Challis from 2015 – Talking Codswallop – Matt Lees

We say goodbye to the legend John Challis by listening to an interview Squee conducted with him in 2015. Then The Talking Codswallop Podcast catches up with Squee for a crossover and Matt Lees talks music, radio and the upcoming Squeef3st.
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FYD Ep. 225 – Huge Ackman

The guys talk about Starbucks, Star Trek Lower Decks, Marvel's What If?, and Coercive Cinema featuring Reminisce and Grosse Pointe Blank!

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SWR: Jason Prentice and The Prentice Wrestling Network Special

Zach Takes is joined by Jason Prentice to learn all we can about the new Prentice Wrestling Network available for FREE on Youtube!

Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/PrenticeWrestlingNetwork ...

Ringside Recap: WrestleRama 09/09/2021

The fallout from Battle of the Phoenix comes to a head at WrestleRama!!! Pat Powers is ready to cash in on being the new number one contender for the PWP Championship, but Legal Liaison, Manford Zablinsky has other plans. Triple threat match for the PW... ...