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Steve Lombardi: The Brooklyn Brawler

A fantastic deep dive into one of the best enhancement talents around. You will be asking yourself, is Steve Lombardi even real?


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Episode 42 – The Anointed 7

Comics With My Kids Podcast
-Episode 42-
The Anointed 7
Written and Drawn by Brian Bradley
Logan and Matt review one of the books that they picked up at the NWI Comic Con.  Brian Bradley and Kingdom Comics title the Anointed 7.  This faith ba... ...

Book Vs Movie: The Phantom Of the Opera (2004)

Book Vs. Movie “Musicals in March” The 1911 Novel The Phantom of the Opera Vs the 2004 Joel Schumacher FilmThe Margos close out “Musicals in March” with one of the most popular musicals of all time--The Phantom of the Opera. Originally created in 1911 ... ...
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Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City

The Movie Guys Podcast reviews Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. ...
Kids Book Podcast

Episode 25 – Cat Kid Comic Club – Book 2 – Perspective

Episode 25

by Dav Pilkey
Logan and Richard are back on Pilkey Planet with the next installment for Cat Kid Comic Club, with book 2 titled Perspectives.
Logan tells us about the main characters for this installment of ... ...
ReTrek Podcast

Coming Home and Assimilation

In this week’s episode we take a look at ‘Coming Home’ from Discovery and ‘Assimilation’ from Picard.Follow us on Twitter: @retrekpodDrop us an email: retrekpod@gmail.comCome and talk trek with us on Facebook: https://https://www.facebook.com/groups/re... ...

The 1996 Royal Rumble

The crew takes a retrospective look at the year of 1996, starting with the Royal Rumble!


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Episode 407 – Oscar Picks

The Boys list their pick for the Oscars. Yes, even Rob ...

Episode 406 – Top ten DC films with Geoff MacDonald

Messiah Complex Cosplay's Geoff MacDonald talks with The Boys as they list their top ten DC films. ...

Episode 405 – Recasting Jaws with Mitch & Stefan!!

The Boys sit down with Stefan and Mitch from the podcast Drag Mitch to Hell to recast the iconic Jaws. ...