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Terrifier 2 spoilers with Michael Leavy (Producer)

That's right! Michael is back and this time we get to sink our teeth into Terrifier 2. After a brief update on his upcoming film STREAM, a horror story set in the tech savvy world, including big casting updates. We go FULL SPOILERS on Terrifier 2 and b... ...
1980s Movie Graveyard Cover

Movie Hoarders #1

This time of the year is all about gluttony and in that tradition, we are proud to present the first ever episode of our new show within a show, Movie Hoarders! Goat and Bat32 will take you through an excruciatingly long 4+ hour journey into some of th... ...
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Movie Guys Podcast-Don’t Worry Darling

We reviewed this movie twice in 24 hours. Our first recording had a technical issue but now we have fixed the issue and we had to review Don't Worry Darling again. This movie is all over the place with a predictable plot and dry characters. With this m... ...

Season 2 Episode 23: 90s Teen Television Programming

In the 90s a couple of new networks emerged, and so did a new target audience. With this new focus, the teen drama and comedy genres were thrust into prime time. Join us as we discuss these television programs and the future superstars that made up the... ...


The final IPW show at the Forte Center is almost here!! Troy Peterson joins us to break down all the action you'll see Saturday Night in Des Moines!

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Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Stanley Kubrick, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, & Alan Cumming

Book Vs. Movie: Eyes Wide ShutThe 1999 Classic Stanley Kubrick Film Vs. The 1926 Short Story by Arthur Schnitzler Do you know the password? The inside password? The Margos look at the 1999 Stanely Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut, which was released after ... ...
ReTrek Podcast

All the World’s a Stage (Prodigy) + Sci Fi Weekender Chat

In this week’s episode we take a look at ‘All the World’s a Stage’ from Prodigy and chat about our appearance at the recent Sci-Fi Weekender.Follow us on Twitter: @retrekpodDrop us an email: retrekpod@gmail.comCome and talk trek with us on Facebook: ht... ...

Season 2- Episode 22: Prince

We're just gonna say it, Prince is likely the greatest performer of our lifetime... so we're talking about him this week. From the highs of Purple Rain to the lows of hanging out Under the Cherry Moon we're covering it all and we formally announce our ... ...
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Movie Guys Podcast-Black Panther Wakanda Forever

What is above is also below. We have heard this story many many times. So going into Black Panther 2 we were hoping the story would go somewhere. Instead this movie is nothing but a data dump. The movie looked great and the internet is screaming Oscar.... ...

Episode 27 – One Touch Of Van Go

This episode, we all agree while beautiful at times, is also a little odd. Find out why!