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3XW Preview – Todd Countryman

SWR is back with another 3XW preview show! 3XW has another show Saturday night in Des Moines and we are joined by Todd Countryman to break it all down!...

Valley Girl (1983)

Book Vs. Movie: Valley GirlsThe Frank & Moon Zappa Song Vs. the 1983 Classic FilmWe know that Frank Zappa did not authorize using the song Valley Girl (co-written with his 14-year-old daughter Moon Unit in 1982.) But we had to cover this movie beca...


We're back with another edition of SWR countdown to HOF weekend! This week we welcome Jimmy Wylde to the show! Jimmy has a huge match against Matty Star at the HOF show Friday July 21st in Waterloo, IA!

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com...

Rumble Fish (1983)

Book Vs. Movie: Rumble FishThe 1975 Novel Vs. the 1983 MovieRusty James is a 14-year-old kid in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who lives a troubled life in 1975’s Rumble Fish, written by former teen sensation S.E. Hinton who published her first work (the YA classic...
ReTrek Podcast

Ad Astra Per Aspera (Strange New Worlds)

In this week’s episode we take a look at ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’ from Strange New Worlds.Follow us on Twitter: @retrekpodDrop us an email: retrekpod@gmail.comCome and talk trek with us on Facebook: https://https://www.facebook.com/groups/retrekJoin our l...

Episode – 63 – Monster on the HIll

  Comics With My Kids Podcast- Episode 63 -Monster on the by Rob Harrellart by Rob Harrell This sixth episode of our Summer Reading Program we've jumped into an alternate time line where monsters roam the countryside and attack town...

185 Morella by Edgar Allan Poe

Our feature story is about a man who marries a woman who dies , but comes back tom life, but not in a good way. Plus a listener nightmare. Read by Robert Crandall All rights Reserved, Please tell a friend...

Episode – 62 – Teen Titans Go! – Vol. 1 Trade paperback : Party, Party!

  Comics With My Kids Podcast
- Episode 62 -
Teen Titans Go! 
Vol. 1 Trade Paperback : Party, Party! 

by Sholly fisch
with art by Lea Hernandez
So grab your copy of Teen Titans Go! Vol. 1 and have a listen as we dive into these Titanic Tales.
Also don't forget to give us your opinion of the book and we will add it to our next episode.
You can leave us a voice message here:
Check out your Local Comic Book Store, or Digital copies on Amazon for these comic book issues.
HEY !! We're also giving away some free comics to the first 5 people that email our show. We got free manga samplers for our listeners so send us an email and we'll send you some Manga.
Again we want your opinions and questions so:...

Bobby Porter part One: The Blob, Elm Street 5 and more

Actor and stuntman Bobby Porter joins us this month for a sample of his lengthy Hollywood career. in this first of two parts we start with his first movie in Hutchinson KS, and end with his time on Land of the Lost. Hear about how he helped created the...

Countdownto HOF Weekend – Les Thatcher

SWR is back with another countdown to HOF Weekend! This week we're chatting with the 2023 Jack Brisco spotlight award winner the Legendary Les Thatcher!

Get your all access pass now: https://bit.ly/46gGxl1...