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    This series has concluded.
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    Belles in a Cell Episodes

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 18
    Kat and Margaret give an update on Kat’s training, reflect on Wrestlemania weekend, and talk fanfiction.

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 17
    Margaret and Kat are back to talk about a new opportunity in Margaret’s life, the Rude Boy Riley fall out, the Fabulous Moolah controversy, and the overall state of women’s wrestling currently.

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 16 (Girl Squad)
    Margaret and Kat make their long awaited return with a slew of stories about women and their love of wrestling.

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 15
      Belles in a Cell is back after a long hiatus with an episode that’s been in the can awhile. They talk about some of the

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 14 (Ms. Frankie Jay)
    Margaret Adelle is joined by one of the first ladies of independent professsional wrestling in the state of Iowa, Miss Frankie Jay. She takes about the

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 13
    Margaret Adelle and Kat Carter are back together for an all new episode of Belles in a Cell. This week, they’re talking about some of the

    Belles in a Cell Presents Level One Ladies: Episode 2 (Joseline Navarro)
    Margaret Adelle is joined by Joseline Navarro of Ohio’s Mega Championship Wrestling to talk about breaking in as a female in the wrestling business. Download

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 12 (Papa Hales)
    Kat returns for a very special interview with Michael “Papa” Hales. They discuss Papa’s history as a wrestling fan as well as some preliminary information

    Belles in a Cell: Episode 11
    Margaret Adelle flies solo today as she talks about the seedy underbelly of independent wrestling! These are stories and experiences that are outliers which defy

    Belles in a Cell presents Level One Ladies: Episode 1 (Valentina Loca)
    Margaret Adelle is joined by Black and Brave graduate, Valentina Loca as the first episode of a very special series! Don’t forget to follow @BellesinaCell

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