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    BLS – It’s Still Madison Square Garden
    Today on the show Brandon talks about his recent trip to New York City and the fun of being in the city, WWE not using Madison Square Garden much for wrestling anymore, and more.

    BLS – I Forgot Babies Were Poop Machines
    Today on the show Brandon kicks off season 2 talkingf about life events over the summer. Brandon gets into having a baby and 23 vs 33. He talks about how the baby is just a poop machine and gets into updates to the platform and much more ……

    BLS – The Great Power Outage Of 2018
    This weeks episode we talk about the snowstorm that took out Brandon’s power for a week, Marvel movies and more.

    BLS – Does Anyone Listen To FM Radio
    This week on the show we talk about SiriusXM radio and the future of FM and AM radio.

    BLS – Manhunt Unabomber Netflix Series Review
    On this episode, we review the Discovery Original Series Manhunt: Unabomber.

    BLS – Google Pixel 2 Review
    Google Pixel 2, using Android vs iOS, iPhone X and the disappearing home button… and more!

    BLS – Kmarts Store Wide Sales Is Not Store Wide
    On this weeks episode we talk all about Kmart closing and their tagline “Entire Store 70% Off Sale” which I find to be a lie. We talk about Kmart, Sears and Big And Tall. Kmart saving the good merchandise for themselves. Much more….

    BLS – Look It Up In The Encyclopedia
    This week we talk about the death of print media. Playboy magazine is going to be no more along with Men’s Style Magazine. Rolling Stone Magazine gets bought by Variety Magazine. Time Inc sells Essence Magazine. The New York Times has 3 million online …

    BLS – Fuller House Is Back
    Is this episode we talk about Netflix hit series Fuller House. We talk about why John Stamos does not age. The cast of Full House being washed up after the 90s. Why Candace Cameron left The View for Netflix that must of been some major money and more…..

    Christmas Special
    We talk about the christmas holiday. We talk about christmas in a tropical climate. We get into standing in line everywhere and my trip to the dry cleaners. We talk about smart cars and christmas trees and much more.

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