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Latest Episodes

So I Cannot Use EZpass
Today on the show we talk about Brandon’s travels across the country. Brandon talks about Walmart and all the fun people that are there. We get into using EZpass cross country. Why do we need paper insurance and registration cards plus much more. Webs...
EP 20 - Fake Friendly People
Today on the podcast we get into the 7/11 lady, how to tip your waiter and waitress, subpar WalMart produce and deli meat, and more.
We Have Returned
Today on the show Brandon talks about his summer off from podcasting and what shows he needs to catch up, how an iPad can change someone’s life, the New Jersey Shore, and more.

BLS – I Forgot Babies Were Poop Machines

Today on the show Brandon kicks off season 2 talking about life events over the summer. Brandon gets into having a baby and 23 vs 33. He talks about how the baby is just a poop machine and gets into updates to the platform and much more ……