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Just Bullspit with Moose

Bullspit on Location at the PWP 16th Anniversary Spectacular

Just Bullspit with Moose

This one’s a little different, this episode I am joined by Mikey Taylor and we provide ringside commentary as well as conduct interviews throughout the evening, as PWP Wrestling celebrates its 16th anniversary. This is the recap of event s from the evening, starting with the Flag Pole Match, and ending the night with a Brutal PWP Championship fight, you’ll find the start times for each match listed below. I hope you have fun, and will leave me some feedback. Enjoy the ride!

Flag Pole Match: Omar Pacheco VS. Pat Powers 8:30

Purple VS. J.D. Parker 14:04

Nino Hatchet VS Moonshine Russel 19:26

PWP Tag Championship: The Messengers VS. Midwest Blood 25:05

The Daniels Brothers w/ Axel Grease VS Kit Sackett and Xander Macintosh 34:15

Branden Juarez VS Duke Cornell 42:49

Rising Phoenix Championship: Mack Riggs Vs Jack Darling 48:48

PWP Championship: Brett Bishop w/ Manford Zablinsky VS. Con Artiest 53:10

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