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A comic book podcast for diehard fans.

EP# 156 Squirrely Takoda

Parlipod reviews DCeased: The Unkillables #3 , #Swamp Thing: New Roots #1, and DCeased: Hope at Worlds End #1.

EP# 153 Parlipod is the Bee’s Knees

It’s a blast from the past daddy-o, as Parlipod reviews Action Comics #1, Detective Comics #27, and All Star Comics #8. Yes that’s right, the first appearances of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

EP# 150 Babylon 6

Parlipod reviews some of the works of J Michael Straczynski. He created Babylon 5, will there be a Babylon 6?

EP# 147 I Get Choked Up About Comics

In this episode we get choked up about comics, including Punisher Soviet, Hellions, and Road to Empyre. Plus Takoda starts his Coronavirus diet.