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Comics With My Kids

Episode 19 – Hilda and the Black Hound

Comics With My Kids

Comics with my Kids Episode 19

Hilda and the Black Hound

by Luke Pearson

On our 19th episode of Comics with my Kids, we take a look at the graphic novel Hilda and The Black Hound written and drawn by Luke Pearson Published by Flying Eye Books.

Melody continues her adventures through Hilda’s stories.  Hilda comes face to face with a Nisse, a house spirit, that show us where all our lost items go.  The Nisse also shows us how he and other House Spirits navigate the hidden spaces in our homes. Along the way Hilda learns about the dreaded Black Hound, but is he as dangerous as everyone claims?  Hilda must find out that and why Nisses are getting kicked out of their homes.

Melody continues to tell us about her love for this book series.
So sit back grab a cup of tea and listen in to
what Melody thinks of the black hound.

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