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Episode 73 – Captain Underpants Book 6

Comics With My Kids

  Comics With My Kids Podcast

-Episode 73- 

Captain Underpants: 
and the big, bad battle of the ……….
By Dav Pilkey

Back in the saddle again with a regular episode, Logan and Matt discuss one of the books from podcast favorite Dav Pilkey.  This time the boys are discussing Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad Battle of the ……  and a really long title name.  
Logan sets us up with the background of Captain Underpants, George, Harold, and Principle Krupp.  Logan tells us about the pranks and jokes that George and Harold play on there fellow classmates and the trouble it causes one of them ,  Melvin.   Melvin winds up creating a machine called the combinator and uses it to combine himself with a robot, but things go haywire and now it’s up to Captain Underpants to save the day. 

What will the Captain do?  What will Melvin destroy in his epic rampage? How will George and Harold not get detention?  Find out this and a whole mess more in this episode of Comics with my Kids.

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