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The Doctor Squee Show

Ep27 – Outrageous Liars

In a break from the usual interview format, Doctor Squee is a guest for the Outrageous Liars. A panel game hosted by Ed Fortune (Starburst Magazine), with panellist Sean Mason, Kate McCabe, Rebecca Derrick & of course Doctor Squee. The players are reminded of an incredible adventure they went on and must tell us about it as the other panellist asked questions about the adventure they must incorporate into their tales. Please tune into the Doctor Squee Show’s new radio show on TheBear.Live (or on the app) premiering this Thursday 9pm – 11pm BST.

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This episode of the Doctor Squee Show was recorded live as part of Squeefest, raising money for the NHS. You can still donate now at JustGiving.com/Squeefest

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