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    Droids Canada Episodes

    Dan never has watched Quantum Leap
    The title says everything you need to know. There is no words how we are feeling right now.

    The Tale of the Windy Pumpkin Spice Latte
    Dan and Todd complete a Guerilla podcast, live from the luxurious Tim Hortons in Welland, Ontario, Canada. They discuss Star Trek, Wellanders, Pumpkin Spice stuff and why they didn’t load this week’s studio show.

    Once Upon A Time with Whale Calls
    Dan and Todd discuss flat earthers, Galaxy Con Raleigh, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Whale Calls and more!

    Jonah Ray from MST3K, Meltdown and Nerdist Podcast
    Droids Canada talk to Jonah Ray from MST3K, Meltdown and Nerdist Podcast.

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the Chocolate Starfish and the Poop Flavored Water
    This week they discuss someone selling bath water on Patreon, Chris Jericho, Ben Askren’s recent coma, and the Area 51 raid.

    Dan? We don’t need no stinkin Dan.
    It cost us 27 coffee’s to get him on the show! Did we make fun of Dan? Yup. Do we remember what else we talked about? Nope. But I am sure it’s funny.

    Amanda Bearse from Married with Children
    Droids Canada talk to Amanda Bearse of Fright Night & Married With Children.

    Julia Montgomery from Revenge of The Nerds
    Droids Canada talks to Julia Montgomery from Revenge of The Nerds, Girls Nite Out, The Kindred & more.

    Jason Faunt from Power Rangers: Time Force
    Jason Faunt grew up outside of Chicago Illinois, with initial dreams to become a professional baseball player. Two weeks after graduating from college, he hung up the cleats to pursue a career in acting. After getting his start on soap operas Passions …

    Investigating the Phoenix Plunder
    Giving someone the keys to the car after they contributed to the first car crash is a sign of negligence, right Simon Kinberg?

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