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    Most recent episode posted 7 days ago.

    Droids Canada Episodes

    The Smoking Monkey known as Drunky the Monkey
    Droids Canada discusses where they should never get punched, Jean Claude Van Damme impersonations, CRA phone scams for iTunes Gift Cards, and how small towns can benefit from having a smoking monkey.

    Happy 7th Birthday Droids Canada.. Welcome to Purgatory.
    Has it really been 7 years since this award nominated show burst onto the podcast scene and was found off topic and offensive? Yes, sadly it has. The 3 man band got back together to celebrate the fiery car wreck known as a Droids Canada Podcast.

    Mountain Man vs the DeathNut Challenge
    The MountainMan decides to up the ante and take on the 5 steps of doom in the deathnut challenge.

    Mountain Man vs the Paqui One Chip Challenge
    And you thought the podcast streak was going to broken! Not on our watch. We give an episode that only proves how crazy(or even how stupid) the MountainMan is when it comes to spicy food. He may have died alittle on the inside.

    And the winner is…
    The most controversial topic to ever be spoken of on the podcast. People were divided, families shattered, and friendships have been ended… Is it too early to play xmas music?

    Remember.. Remember.. We are giving Concert Tickets away!
    Droids Canada contest announcement.

    The New York Chronicles: Joker Review
    Droids Canada reviews Joker.

    The New York Chronicles: SGT Slaughter and the trip to the Shadowlands
    Part Deux of Droid Canada’s trip to NYCC and all the shenanigans that happened.

    The New York Chronicles: Ted Danson and the Giant Forehead
    Droids Canada discuss their long weekend in New York, MSG, and Dan’s obsession with Grissom from CSI.

    Tara Strong
    Droids Canada talk to prolific voice actor Tara Strong.

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