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    Most recent episode posted 2 days ago.

    Droids Canada Episodes

    The Triggered
    The Challenge has been accepted.. David! The Star Wars debate has been accepted. Dan is still clearly triggered from the other day because he snaps over Ikea meatballs, rage poops, Wayne Gretzky products, Morbius trailer and more!

    And the Golden Globe goes to.. DAVID
    Discussing the aftermath of the infamous Ricky Gervais meltdown at the Golden Globes, they also end up talking about Star Wars again and a challenge is issued to some guy named DAVID.

    Star Wars IX Review: The Quest For More Money
    Dan and Todd complete a deep dive into the final installment of the Skywalker saga. It cant be worse than Solo… right?

    Have a Very Lemmy Xmas and a Happy New Year
    We did shots of scotch from Scotland, Johnny Walker and other stupidity during this episode. Just because we got wasted doesn’t mean you cant either. But don’t be a bonehead a and drink and drive.

    Kickstart our Christmas Drinking
    Merry Birthmas! We celebrate Xmas the good ole Welland way. With Michelob Ultra’s, booze talk, the constant conversation about Passports, Motley Crue misheard lyrics, farting at inappropriate times, and irregardless what The MountainMan says, Gremlins …

    Hamilton Comic Con will run wild on you!
    Dan visits the great Hamilton Comic Con in the hopes to lock in some epic interviews. Instead he was given a live mic and was allowed free reign to make poor decisions.

    The Smoking Monkey known as Drunky the Monkey
    Droids Canada discusses where they should never get punched, Jean Claude Van Damme impersonations, CRA phone scams for iTunes Gift Cards, and how small towns can benefit from having a smoking monkey.

    Happy 7th Birthday Droids Canada.. Welcome to Purgatory.
    Has it really been 7 years since this award nominated show burst onto the podcast scene and was found off topic and offensive? Yes, sadly it has. The 3 man band got back together to celebrate the fiery car wreck known as a Droids Canada Podcast.

    Mountain Man vs the DeathNut Challenge
    The MountainMan decides to up the ante and take on the 5 steps of doom in the deathnut challenge.

    Mountain Man vs the Paqui One Chip Challenge
    And you thought the podcast streak was going to broken! Not on our watch. We give an episode that only proves how crazy(or even how stupid) the MountainMan is when it comes to spicy food. He may have died alittle on the inside.

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