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Droids Canada

    Most recent episode posted 2 weeks ago.

    Droids Canada Episodes

    Episode 357: DC vs Diamond
    This week, Todd and Dan discuss comic books and DC’s recent departure from Diamond Distributors. Never forget the Shame Bell.


    Episode 356: Illuminati Confirmed
    In celebration of the Phase 2 for Ontario, we release a bonus guerilla podcast episode after Dan returned from Florida. They discuss conspiracy theories, decepticons, and youtube videos. Dan is a bored man. Also Dan thinks Judge Judy is dead.

    Episode 355: The Death of the Comic Con
    A very deep conversation topic about the new state of affairs we are in due to CoVid. Will Comic Cons survive it? Dan and Todd get into a good conversation about it and they roast littlefoot. She had it coming.

    Episode 354: Carole Baskin killed Dan
    This week they discuss Tiger King’s recent casting additions, the Last Dance show on netflix, the ongoing frustrations with CoVid, who was the best superman ever and more!

    Episode 353: Total Bamboo Shoot Deletion
    We continue down the highway of stupid hot food to eat with the MountainMan. This week he takes on super spicy Bamboo Shoots. It was sad.

    Episode 352: Dan’s Obsession with Cat Noises
    Dan drops some massive conspiracy theories yet again. Now he is trying to get people to believe JCVD puts cat noises in his movies. we have no words.

    Episode 351: Life Finds a Way
    Dan continues his conspiracy ways and discusses how dinosaur stem cell research is still happening. They also discuss old school video games, the mispronunciations of the word “Italian,” circus accidents and more!

    Episode 350: Get to the Corona
    Droids Canada talks about Puddle of Mudd’s horrific Nirvana cover, classic pops, discussion of Tony Schiavones fav move in wrestling, and top fictional body counts by actors.

    B-Show Vol 3: Punching an Airplane Seat is not Safe
    Hey remember when that guy went ballistic because someone reclined their seat on a plane? We do. We decided to mock the guy. We also watch videos of ppl pranking the corona and more!

    DJ Johnny Rock, Where Art Thou?
    It appears that Dan’s elusive cousin, DJ Johnny has re-merged from ParkDale. But was it Johnny that left Parkdale or did Parkdale leave Johnny?

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