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Droids Canada

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    Droids Canada Episodes

    B-Show Vol 3: Punching an Airplane Seat is not Safe
    Hey remember when that guy went ballistic because someone reclined their seat on a plane? We do. We decided to mock the guy. We also watch videos of ppl pranking the corona and more!

    DJ Johnny Rock, Where Art Thou?
    It appears that Dan’s elusive cousin, DJ Johnny has re-merged from ParkDale. But was it Johnny that left Parkdale or did Parkdale leave Johnny?

    Bonus Episode: Kicking Covid in the Taint with an Iron Sheik Boot
    Todd and A.J spend this episode talking about the popular and controversial series “Dark Side of the Ring,” and is there a 6 Man Tag Belt? Still waiting to see if its true!

    Yiffing The Tiger Kings Kneepits
    We have figured out a way to social distance and podcast at the same time with Dan. However, Dan is still learning on how to talk directly into a microphone. Its a work in progress. With that said, enjoy the podcast and the learning experience.

    The Most Explicit Episode Ever *** Uncut Version ***
    Dan had a moment. A moment that ended up being 15 minutes of edits to an episode. But he demanded the uncut version to air. He does a shoot on a comic con from 2 months ago. He has pushed for the release and I have granted this. Good luck.

    The Triggered: The Great Internet Debacle
    Todd is full of rage and GI JOE PSA’s this week. The MountainMan sits back and just lets him go.

    We Need To Talk About Dan
    Theories are running rampant all over. First we blame Bieber, then drunk roofers driving through buildings, 5G Cellular Bandwidth, the much needed sequel of the Oceans Franchise, and now its possibly the lack of Nacho’s is breaking down the world.

    WrestleMania 36: The Tale of the Saturday Night Main Event
    A.J and Todd try to determine what was watched over 2 days. Was it wrestling or was it a movie? Either way it was bad.

    Wrestlemania 36: The Grand Covid of them all
    Breakdown of this upcoming and possibly cancelled Wrestlemania 36 card. Yes there is Covid talk and other non related wrestling stuff. But it’s funny.

    Quarantine Day 8 of 14
    The Great Dan returned from his trip at Disneyland as the world began social distance and shut down.

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