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Droids Canada

    Most recent episode posted 4 weeks ago.

    Droids Canada Episodes

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 08/27/2020
    Mimosa Mayhem? Tables Match? 8 Man Tag? Why not! Check out our review of the past Dynamite!

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 08/22/2020
    Our Tuesday night show that should have aired Thursday because the Wednesday Dynamite that was moved to Saturday is now up! Thanks NBA Playoffs! We recap the episode with very little energy this week.

    Falcon Arrow: Do we need a General Manager?
    Big question to ask for this weeks Armchair quarterback segment. We discuss the pros/cons of having a on screen talent as a general management for storyline. Do we need one?
    This episode is a bonus episode we recorded due to Dynamite being moved to Sat…

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 08/12/2020
    The Dynamite Episode that was to be as exciting as a 7000 dollar coat covered in orange juice has concluded. However, it may not have lived up to expectations.

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 08/10/2020
    This we catch up with last weeks Dynamite recap and also Dan also gives his opinions on next weeks results.

    Falcon Arrow: The AEW Four Horsemen
    While Todd is out fighting the wilderness on vacation we are loading a bonus episode of ArmChair Quarterback! This week they discuss who would be the AEW 4 Horsemen that they are teasing!

    The Final Goodbye
    We have decided it is time to evolve and move on from Droids Canada Podcast. With that said, this is the last podcast episode under Droids Canada Podcast.

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 07/29/2020
    This week they discuss the AEW results. Also Todd completes a full enraged shoot on Cancel Culture.

    Falcon Arrow: Dynamite 07/22/2020
    We complete a recap of this weeks episode of AEW Dynamite and in this weeks segment of ArmChair Quarterback, they discuss who would be a good opponent for Cody’s open Challenge from different/current rosters of wrestling.

    Episode 360: Come in to my kitchen, I wanna show you my Brita
    We start off rocking out to the Disco Duck but you are in store for a fiery car wreck. They discuss restaurant pranks, code phrases, dirty words, pizza crusts, call center games and more!

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