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Dan Vs The Evil Dead

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Latest Episodes

Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Delusion
Ash's sense of reality begins to crumble after he wakes up in an asylum and lands in the care of a seeming helpful doctor.
Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Trapped Inside
An angry mob corners Ash and the team in Brock's house while Ruby attempts to summon the spell to send Baal back to hell; Ash proves to the townsfolk that he is not a murderer, but a hero.
Dan vs Evil Dead Season 2: Confinement
Ruby, Kelly and Pablo must break Ash out of jail after the Sheriff brings him up on charges.  

Dan Vs The Evil Dead: Fire In the Hole

Back from a week off, it’s time to go ahead and fire up your Netflix machine with the episode on mute and listen to our show for our hilarious commentary!

“Ash, Pablo, Kelly and Fisher arrive at the survivalist camp in the midst of chaos and must go to extreme measures to escape; more is revealed of Ruby’s mission.”