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Fatboy and Captain Llama

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    Fatboy and Captain Llama Episodes

    Fatboy and Captain Llama
    Fatboy and Captain Llama is a podcast created by Will Gallo and Regan Hancock so that they could record themselves geeking out. Every two weeks they get together to report and discuss what has happened in the comic book and movie-verse while giving their own, unique perspective on this news.

    Episode 61: Guardians of the Trailer
    This week we talk all the latest torrential down pour of trailers as well as our thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

    Episode 60: Getting X Rated
    As we hit our 60th episode we take some time to get caught up on all we’ve missed. We get deep with all the Batman

    FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 6
    For the first Blown Cartridges of 2017 we are looking at all the Switch and Nintendo goodness that came out of their Switch Treehouse event.

    Episode 59: That Wookie Needs Pants
    This episode we say goodbye to a princess and hello to 2017. Big spoiler chat for Rogue One inside, be warned.

    Episode 58: Nowcast 3 – With 20% More Dried Egg Powder
    We catch up over a crisp glass of egg nog and catch up on all the news we missed through the year.

    FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 5
    This month we talk Pokemon Sun/Moon and Final Fantasy XV

    FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 4
    The Switch is revealed! We finally know what Nintendo’s new console is and we talk all about it here. We also talk Dark Souls 3

    Episode 57: Old Man Llama
    This week we catch up with Attack on Titan, talk comics and Logan and Guardians teasers.

    FaCL Presents: Blown Cartridges vol. 3
    Talking demos this month as one of the guys got hands on with the new Zelda, Gears of War 4, For Honor and much more.

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