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Gallifrey Stands

Gallifrey Stands Presents – Doctor Who: Gone But Not Forgotten

Doctor Who: Gone but not Forgotten

We present our Christmas full cast audio drama. The Doctor’s friend has been deleted from time by the Master and everything has changed for the worse from him, his other friends and the universe itself. Aided by the White Guardian the Doctor will risk everything to bring back his friend and put time back on track. Fighting Daleks, Cybermen and other foes. But a price must be paid and the Doctor must pay it.

Recorded in support of Missing People. Please give whatever you can at JustGiving.com/Absent


Doctor Squee as the Doctor

Michelle Sewell as Orla

Adam Manning as Ainley

Sandy Shakespeare as Sandy

Dave Ladkin as The White Guardian and the Cyberman

Tom Dangerfield as the Master and the Black Guardian

Dottie Who as Dottie with additional barks by Benton

David Gooderson as Bernard

Rob Richie as the Dalek

Kevin Hudson as Captain Kent

Stuart Shaw as Corporal West

Fiona Angwin as President Marek

Niamh Sewell as Aimee

Continuity announcements & credits by Paul Gee, Ben Gummery & Michelle Sewell

With special Messages by Sylvester McCoy, David Warner & Nicola Gossling

Music by Daniel White & Matt Lees

Artwork by Dave Ladkin

Written, Directed, special effects and Edited by Doctor Squee

Doctor Who: Gone but not Forgotten was a Gallifrey Stands production in association with Krypton Radio