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Gallifrey Stands

Gallifrey Stands -Ep300- Part 2: The Gallifrey Games II: Leg 2 – The Teams

As we turn off the Tardis lights on Gallifrey Stands for one last time, we give you a 2 hour special full of fun and games. We get the WhoNews from the future, find out if Squee ever accidentally send an inappropriate picture to John Barrowman and we get some special messages from friends of the show. With Doctor Squee, Dottie Who, Sgt. Benton, Paul Gee, Nicola Gossling, Daniel White, Richard Curtis, Matt Lees, Andrew McElfresh, Will Wilkins, Andrew Chalmers, DJ Johnny Rock, Fi Angwin, Adam Manning, James King, Dave Ladkin & Christian Basel. Goodbye and thanks for listening.