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Latest Episodes

Gallifrey Stands -EP284- Kevin Hudson
Creature performer and actor Kevin Hudson joins us to talk about working on Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Doctor Strange, Band of Brothers, the Brittas Empire, Sleepy Hollow and so much more.
Gallifrey Stands -Ep283- SFW10, Part 2: David Warner, Sylvester McCoy & music from Jolly Boat
We head to Great Yarmouth for Sci-Fi Weekener 10, Part 2. Exclusive interviews with David Warner, Sylvester McCoy & music from pirate nerd rockers, Jolly Boat.
Gallifrey Stands -Ep282- Who in Horror: The Omen / Lair of the White Worm
Doctor Who in horror movies! Gallifrey Stands discusses The Omen featuring Patrick Troughton and The Lair of the White Worm starring Peter Capaldi.

Gallifrey Stands -Ep239- Christmas Special 2018 / The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe

Doctor Christmas Tree, Dottie Ho-Ho-Who, Mich-Elf Sewell, Nicola Christmas Gossling, Paul-A-Christmas-Cracker Gee, Ben Gum-Murr-ry & the Merry Murphster all welcome you in from the cold to talk about The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe, to play some Christmas games and have a lot of Yule Time laughs!

Also featuring the trailer for our Christmas play ‘Doctor Who & The Great Time Anchor’, out Christmas Eve on Podcast & Friday 28th Dec on Krypton Radio. The play is recorded in support of Dogs for Good. You can donate to our fundraiser at JustGiving.com/PodDogs.

Listen to us every Thursday in podcast form or every Friday on http://kryptonradio.com/ at 11am & Midnight BST (UK) / 3am and 4pm Pacific time (US). Other time zones are available!