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Jobbing With Josh

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Latest Episodes

JWJ Episode 61-Interview with Maru!
Josh is joined by RCCW's own, Maru, as they discuss his path into the business and his current iteration in RCCW.
JWJ Episode 60 - Takeover and Survivor Series Preview
It's NXT Takeover:Wargames season and Josh is here to preview the show.
JWJ 59-Off the Cuff with Dustin Smothers
Josh is joined by original Pro Wrestling Mothership host, Dustin Smothers. This is somewhat of a venting episode, so all opinions in this one. This is the first. We will be doing this from time to time, so let us know what you think!

JWJ Episode 55-Kidd Riot Interview!

Josh is joined by RCCW luchador and Space Cadet, Kidd Riot. They talk about Kidd’s humble beginnings as a wrestling fan, his training start, how he came about RCCW, his thoughts on current products and a HUGE anniversary on October 23rd! Plus, Kidd sheds some light on some hardships he has overcome in his life and some great charity work he is doing!