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    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

    E457: AEW vs NXT 12/11/19
    Adam, Rob & Brian are back together inside Y-Table Studio discussing the 12/11/19 episodes of NXT and AEW Dynamite.

    Adam and Brian discuss the episodes of Smackdown and RAW leading up to the big TLC ppv this weekend. The guys give their TLC predictions, Brian reminisces about the recently released Ascension, and Adam questions the lack of build-up to this Sunday. 

    E455: Lee, Cole and the Lexicon… Moxley
    The guys are back in the saddle at Y-Table Studio with their reactions to Wednesday 12/4/19 episodes of AEW Dynamite and NXT.

    E454: Rollins whines, KO shines
    The boys are back after the Thanksgiving break with their reactions to NXT, AEW, SD and RAW.

    E453: Survivor Series and War Games Reaction
    The MOWP crew reacts to War Games, Survivor series and the following RAW.

    E452: Full Sail Invasion/Lords of the Ring
    Adam, Rob, and Brian are back inside the Y-Table Studio to discuss everything you need to know heading into WarGames and Survivor Series weekend. Plus, the guys dive into the 11/20/19 episode of AEW Dynamite.

    E450: WarGames Build-up/Full Gear Fallout
    Tensions are high inside the Y-Table Studio as Rob, Adam, and Brian discuss the lingering effects from AEW’s Full Gear, as well as the 11/13/19 episodes of NXT and AEW Dynamite.

    E449: Lana needs the pink slip
    The MOWP crew reacts to full gear, dynamite, raw and smackdown. 

    E448: NXT Invasion
    The Marked Out crew talks about the NXT invasions of WWE RAW and Smackdown. 

    E447: Women’s WarGames & Cowboy Sh*t
    Rob, Adam and Brian discuss AEW and NXT from 10/30/2019. Cody and Jericho have a contract signing while the men and women of NXT prepare for WarGames. 

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