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    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

    E426: Did Roman Reigns have his best match ever?
    Adam and Brian discuss WWE Smackdown Love from 8-13-19.

    E425: The BOSS is Back and she is a LEGIT heel!
    Rob, Adam and Brian discuss and recap RAW from 8/13/19.

    E424: Summer Slam 2019 Predictions
    Adam, Brian and Medine talk WWE Smackdown from 8/6/19 and make their SummerSlam 2019 predictions. 

    E423: Who’s Next? Who Cares?
    On this episode of Monday Night RAWESOME, Rob and Adam discuss Monday Night RAW from 8-5-19. Goldberg makes his return to the ring to challenge Dolph Ziggler… who cares? 

    E422: Who attacked Roman Reigns?
    On our 7/31/19 reaction of WWE Smackdown Live, Brian and Adam discuss the mysterious attack on Roman Reigns and the odd technical glitches from the end of the show. More reaction and opinions of the new era of WWE creative, plus dirt sheets and rumors.

    E421: Pregnant Champion and Seth’s broken ribs.
    Marked Out Wrestling Podcast talks about Monday Night RAW from 7/30/19.

    E420: Our 420th episode
    Adam, Brian and Rob review WWE Smackdown from 7/23/19 with a little help from Colorado’s finest!

    E419: RAW Reunion
    Adam, Rob and Brian discuss the RAW Reunion from 7-23-19.

    E418: Shane’s town equals, FAIL!!
    Adam and Brian talk WWE Smackdown from 7/16/19 and rumors from around the pro wrestling industry.

    E417: Heyman has the Stroke?
    Adam, Rob and Brian react and review the highlights of WWE Monday Night RAW, AEW Fight For The Fallen and Evolve 131.

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