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Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

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    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

    E352: Who Won Wednesday – 6/10/2020
    The guys cover NXT and AEW Dynamite from 6/10/2020.

    Join hosts Brian (@markedOutBT), Kyle (@kylesprescott) and MJ (@vileLazarus) as the guys discuss FTR’s debut match, some Dynamite talk and answer questions from the AEWDiscussion group.

    E530: Backlash Predictions
    The guys recap NXT Takeover: In Your House and make predictions for Backlash.

    Join hosts Brian (@markedOutBT), Kyle (@kylesprescott) and MJ (@vileLazarus) as the guys answer email questions submitted by members of the AEWDiscussion FB Group!

    E528: Cody’s bleeding again
    The guys cover AEW Dynamite from 6/3/2020.

    E527: You can’t have 2 good RAWs back to back!
    Rey Mysterio does not retire but Seth Rollins has a different plan. KO receives a US Title match with Apollo Crew but Andrade and Angel Garza have a different idea. Street Profits lose the bowling challenge to the Viking Raiders.

    E526: FTR is All Elite!
    As the Inner Circle figures out how to sell their shirt overflow we see FTR (The Revival) make their AEW debut attaching the Butcher and Blade. Brit Baker AKA the “ROLL” Model puts on her tin foil hat to explain the conspiracy that led to her injury.

    E525: ALL ELITE HOUR || Double or Nothing 2020 Review
    Join hosts Brian (@markedOutBT), Kyle (@kylesprescott) and MJ (@vileLazarus) as the guys discuss the results and fallout from AEW’s Double or Nothing 2020.

    E524: Apollo Crews, Your new US Champion!
    The KO Show opens the night setting up the women’s triple threat match to determine the RAW Women’s #1 Contender as NXT Talent is ringside cheering on the action. Apollo Crews hits two back to back standing moonsaults on Andrade to win the WWE US Title…

    E523: AEW Double or Nothing Reaction
    Bar fights, pool fights, official referee challenges, horses and drones were just part of the Stadium Stampede match. Listen to the MOWP crew discuss that match and more from AEW Double or Nothing.

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