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    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

    E440: Main Roster Mash Up
    Adam, Rob and Brian discuss Premiere week for Friday Night Smackdown Live, Monday Night RAW and WWE Hell in a Cell. 

    E439: Wednesday Night Wars – Who won?
    Adam, Rob and Brian kick off their new Wednesday night reaction show to AEW and NXT. Who won? Rob representing NXT and Brian taking the reigns for AEW.

    E435: A New Kind of King
    Adam, Brian and Rob discuss wwe RAW from 9/24/19 and Baron Corbin’s attempt a king reboot. 

    E435: Coronation of a Douche
    Adam and Brian react to Tuesday Night Smackdown from 9/17/19 and the Coronation of King Corbin.

    Clash of Champions and RAW Review 9/16/19
    Adam and Rob talk Clash of Champions and Monday Night RAW from 9/16/19.

    E433: King Gable?
    Brian and Adam discuss the possibility of a king Gable, the relevance of Shane’s return and more from the Clash of Champions, Smackdown go home show. (9/10/19)

    E432: Clash Of Champions Predictions
    Rob, Adam and Brian discuss Monday Night RAW from 9/10/19 and make their Clash of Champions 2019 predictions.

    E431: King of the Ring Quarterfinals #SDLive
    Brian and Adam discuss WWE Smackdown Live from 9/3/19.

    E430: Bayley Goes full heel!
    Rob, Brian and Adam discuss Monday Night RAW from 9/3/19.

    E429: A mixed bag of recaps
    Adam and Brian discuss WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown live from 8/27/19.

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