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Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

  • E541: Why are we doing this?
    In this episode of MOWP, the crew talks about their frustration not just with WWE Creative but the bungling manner in which the pro wrestling promotions are handling the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • E540: Great American Bash vs. Fyter Fest Part 1
    The crew covers week 1 of NXT Great American Bash and AEW Fyter Fest.
    Join hosts Brian and MJ as they discuss everything you need to know leading up to night 1 at Fyter Fest. The guys answer listener questions, give their Fyter Fest Night 1 predictions… and much more! __________________________________________________…
  • E538: Thank You Taker!
    The crew discusses their favorite Taker Moments, Continued #speakingout allegations, Tessa’s future and more. We ca off with some Marked Out trivia from loyal listener Jason.
  • E537: Who Won Wednesday – 6/24/2020
    The MOWP guys talk about NXT Vs AEW Dynamite from 6/24/2020. We also continue with #Speakingout conversation. 
  • E536: ALL ELITE HOUR || The Great Reckoning Pt.2
    Brian, Kyle and MJ deviate from their normal banter about AEW Dynamite to discuss the #speakingout movement  in the world of professional wrestling. ________________________________________________________________  Want to watch the guys do LIVE COM…
  • E535: The Great Reckoning
    The guys deviate from their normal banter of Monday Night RAW to talk about the #Speakout #speakingout Movement as well as #BLM #Blacklivesmatter and more. 
  • E534: Who Won Wednesday – 6/17/2020
    The MOWP crew scores NXT Live and AEW Dynamite segment vs segment.
  • E533: Just Why?
    RAW and Backlash reaction from 6/16/2020
  • E352: Who Won Wednesday – 6/10/2020
    he guys cover NXT and AEW Dynamite from 6/10/2020