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Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    Most recent episode posted 4 days ago.

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast Episodes

    E658: Backlash Predictions
    Wrestlemania’s Backlash predictions 

    E657: Blood and Guts
    Brian and Adam review blood and guts from AEW Dynamite

    E656: The episode where Brian Call us haters
    RAW review 5/3/2021 – dirt Sheets – trivia – gummies

    E654: Father of the Jew
    On this hilarious episode of MOWP the crew welcomes Adam Baum’s father Jody to the panel to review RAW and play trivia. Absolute gold!

    E653: The Pink Wedding
    The MOWP crew talks about the latest round of WWE cuts and the direction of WWE RAW / Smackdown. 

    E651: Monday after Mania
    Brian joins us in person as we discuss the aftermath of Wrestlemania 37 and the storied Monday Night RAW after Mania. 

    E650: Stand & Deliver Night 1 reaction
    NXT Stand and deliver Night 1 VS AEW Dynamite

    E649: Wrestlemania 37 Predictions
    Our yearly Wrestlemania predictions show and Hall of Fame debates. 

    E648: Who Won Wednesday
    AEW vs NXT – 3/31/2021

    E647: Go Home for a Go Home Show
    RAW Review and continued conversation on Wrestlemania build. 

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