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The Mockers Podcast

    Most recent episode posted 1 year ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    The Mockers Podcast Episodes

    The Mockers Listen to Dream Theater’s ‘Images and Words’
    The Mockers take the time to discuss Dream Theater’s 1992 album ‘Images and Words’.

    The Mockers Listen to TNT, “Realized Fantasies”
    The Mockers discuss the 1992 album “Realized Fantasies” by Norwegian band TNT.

    The Mockers Listen to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, “Hard Promises”
    The Mockers travel down the ole Kings Road and discuss Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers 1981 album, “Hard Promises.”

    The Mockers Listen to Journey ‘Escape’
    Don’t stop believing as your favorite music podcast is back to discuss Journey’s 1981 classic album, ‘Escape’.

    The Mockers Listen to Styx, ‘Paradise Theater’
    The Mockers Podcast returns with a track by track review of Styx’s ‘Paradise Theater’ album!

    Mockers Assemble!
    The Mockers Podcast returns after a 3 month hibernation to catch up on movies, reality TV, the NY Mets, and more!

    Episode 120 | Child’s Play, Spider-Man, Reality Avenue and a Big Return!
    Child’s Play, Spider-Man, Reality Avenue and a Big Return!

    Episode 119 | Wedding Daze and The Brooklyn Bowl
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Nineteen of The Mockers Podcast! Andy attends a co-worker’s wedding, Eric attends a Drive-By Truckers concert at the Brooklyn Bowl, and Sports talk from Women’s World Cup to Mickey Callaway.

    The Mockers Are Back! Again! Part 2
    The Mockers Podcast returns again for the third time with a jam packed installment!

    The Mockers Are Back! Again!
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Seventeen of The Mockers Podcast! The boys return from yet another hiatus.

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