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The Mockers Podcast

    Most recent episode posted 1 year ago. This podcast may be on hiatus.
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    The Mockers Podcast Episodes

    Lawncare, A-Listers and World Cup Fever
    Andy and Eric are left to their own devices as Jamie sleeps in, the recent Mocker rendezvous in Shopping Cart City is discussed, a steamy edition of The Lawncare Minute, Eric becomes an A-Lister and World Cup Fever!

    Great White, ‘Can’t Get There From Here’ vs. ‘Welshly Arms’
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Five of The Mockers Podcast!

    ‘Evil Genius’ vs. Courtney Barnett, ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Four of The Mockers Podcast!

    Valley Central Budget
    Eric discusses the proposed Valley Central Budget. 

    ‘Real Husbands of Hollywood’ vs. Courtney Marie Andrews, ‘May Your Kindness Remain’
    Episode One Hundred and Three of The Mockers Podcast.

    Dawes, ‘We’re All Gonna Die’ vs. ‘Santa Clarita Diet’
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Two of The Mockers Podcast!

    KISS, ‘Animalize’ vs. The Doors, ‘Waiting For The Sun’
    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and One of The Mockers Podcast!

    Andre the Giant vs. Deadliest Catch
    Welcome to a not very special Episode One Hundred of The Mockers Podcast!

    ‘Harlem Nights’ vs. ELO, ‘A New World Record’ vs. ‘Stranger in the Night’
    Welcome to Episode Ninety-Nine of The Mockers Podcast!

    ‘Hush’ vs. Dorothy, ‘28 Days In The Valley’
    Welcome to Episode Ninety-Eight of The Mockers Podcast!

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