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The Mockers Podcast

A Detour is posted on Reality Avenue as the Boys wrap 90 Day Fiance and face The Black Mirror

It’s a special Thanksgiving Edition of The Mockers Podcast and Eric went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts’ while Andy checked out ‘Arrival’…but who had the better time? (3:00) The ’90 Day Fiance’ finale is discussed (10:00) Speaking of fantastic beasts,will ‘Sister Wives’ be the next Reality Avenue selection? (21:00) Eric takes a surprising lead in the NFL Picks and the Thanksgiving games are selected (23:00) The new Jim James solo record is dissected (32:00) and the first two episodes of ‘Black Mirror’ were enjoyed during a solid week of Mockumendations (36:00) The history of Eric’s beard-a-mines is uncovered (42:00) Miles from The Best Darn Diddly Review Show stops by to give his take on ‘Fantastic Beasts’ (47:00) Finally, a special Thanksgiving song courtesy of Eric and Andy (49:00) Thanks for listening and please check out the other great podcasts that are part of the Electronic Media Collective! Gobble Gobble!