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Andy In The ADK, Ghostbuster, Star Trek, MTV, Sports Quiz, & we release Spiedies and Beer & More!

This week on The Mockers Podcast it’s Andy’s turn to head to the Adirondacks and he takes in a scenic chair lift ride with his pretty lady (5:00) Ghostbusters and Star Trek: Beyond are discussed (8:00) It’s getting down to crunch time on both Are You The One? and The Challenge (16:00) Should Arseface be in Hell? Find out on this week’s ‘Preacher’ discussion (24:00) The ‘Justice League’ trailer is discussed as soon as the King Tide rolls in (29:00) It’s a Baseball Hall of Fame Edition of the Sports Questions of the Week as Eric tests his Mike Piazza knowledge (31:00) The Meet the Mockers Song Vault is re-opened and classic summer party anthem ‘Spiedies and Beer’ is showcased (39:00) Thanks for listening and please check out all the great podcasts on the Electronic Media Collective!