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The Mockers Podcast

‘Evil Genius’ vs. Courtney Barnett, ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’

The Mockers Podcast

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Four of The Mockers Podcast! Eric updates everyone on the latest happenings on his local school budget (2:00) A long simmering argument comes to a head in this week’s Lawncare Minute (5:00) Judge Eric presides over this week’s Mockumendation battle as Jamie presents the Netflix documentary series, ‘Evil Genius’ (21:00) Andy counters with the indie guitar stylings of Courtney Barnett and her 2018 release, ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel’ (28:00)

Thanks for listening and please leave a review and subscibe on iTunes…leave your own Mockumendation and we will discuss it on a future episode!

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