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The Mockers Podcast

‘Harlem Nights’ vs. ELO, ‘A New World Record’ vs. ‘Stranger in the Night’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Nine of The Mockers Podcast! Andy travels to Massachusetts for a Jeff Rosenstock concert (2:00) The first tally on the Lawncare Minute Scoreboard has been registered (10:00) Eric takes in ‘The Quiet Place’ and doesn’t agree with the critical plaudits the film has been receiving (14:00) Eddie Murphy’s 1989 ‘Harlem Nights’ is discussed and we thank D.J. from the Just-In-Time with the J & T Baggers Podcast for his guest mockumendation (23:00) We also thank @julianlytle for his guest review (29:00) and please give him a follow in the twitterverse. We finally give Alex Boondoggle’s ELO, ‘A New World Record’ mockumendation the time that it richly deserves (44:00) Indie Corner returns with a look at Aaron Parpart’s ‘Stranger in the Night’ (50:00)

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