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The Mockers Podcast

‘Hush’ vs. Dorothy, ‘28 Days In The Valley’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Eight of The Mockers Podcast! Jamie and Eric prepare for Rick Mancrush’s surprise 40th Birthday party (2:00) The Lawncare Minute returns with a preview of who is going to mow Eric’s yard this season (6:00) The Mockers return to the movies to take in ‘Ready Player One’ (12:00) We take a trip down Reality Avenue to check in on the Jersey Shore reunion (22:00) The Mockumendations take on a different format as Andy tries the case for Blumhouse horror movie, ‘Hush’ (30:00) Meanwhile, Eric represents rock’n’roll band Dorothy and their second record, ’28 Days in the Valley’ (40:00)

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