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The Mockers Podcast

KISS, ‘Animalize’ vs. The Doors, ‘Waiting For The Sun’

Welcome to Episode One Hundred and One of The Mockers Podcast! Andy and Eric head to the LA Guns concert while Jamie sits on his porch drinking a beer (2:00) Lawncare Minute Update! (9:00) Eric surprisingly drives to the very loud rock’n’roll show in Poughkeepsie (12:00) Thanks to Board Game Bento for supplying The Mockers Podcast with three great games with their monthly box. Subscribe and receive your own games by visiting boardgamebento.com (15:00) Judge Jamie Mocker presides in this week’s Mockumendation Trial as Eric offers up the 1984 KISS record, ‘Animalize’ (18:00) Defending champ Andy goes back to his musical past for the third studio record from The Doors, ‘Waiting For The Sun’ (20:00) Thanks to @metallychllnged for his comprehensive review of the KISS record (22:00) Remember you can leave your review of one of our Mockumendations or leave a Mockumendation of your own @mockerspodcast…thanks for listening!