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The Mockers Podcast

L.A. Guns, ‘Hollywood Vampires’ vs. Parker Millsap, ‘The Very Last Day’

Welcome to Episode Ninety-Seven of The Mockers Podcast! The boys talk about the start of the Mets season and plan their Minor League Baseball Tour Checklist (2:00) It was an all-music battle in this week’s Mockumendations as Jamie offered up the Babyface Assassin of Acoustic Country Twang, Parker Millsap and his 2016 record, ‘The Very Last Day’ (11:00) Eric countered with some sleazy-ass rock’n’roll courtesy of L.A. Guns and their 1991 album, ‘Hollywood Vampires’ (21:00) Andy continues to be salty about Jamie’s Mockumendation decision from last week (32:00) Eric is mad at Jack White yet again (38:00) What will this week’s Mockumendations be? (40:00) Thanks for listening and please subscribe if you enjoyed what you heard!