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The Mockers Podcast

The Mockers Listen to TNT, “Realized Fantasies”

Your mother warned you that the Mockers would return to talk about TNT’s 1992 album, “Realized Fantasies” and that is exactly what they have done!! An entire episode talking about this Norwegian band’s fifth record is really all you need as you search for a parking sign on Easy Street. The boys find it hard to say goodbye to lead singer’s Tony Harnell’s four octave range and marvel at the prescience of Purple Mountain’s Majesty. Which Mocker believed that Lionheart was originally written for Jean-Claude Van Damme? And was it the same one who was drinking a Reign energy drink? Listen now or wait until the Indian Summer, we don’t care! Thanks for checking out the podcast and subscribe on iTunes! While you are downhill racing, leave a review and a suggestion for a future album review!