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    Movie Guys Podcast – The Babysitter (2017 Netflix Film)
    We wanted to review a movie that had a mediocre score and see what the problem was. There is no problem with The Babysitter. Join Eric and Ryan as they break down the kills and the over the top story line to this very interesting movie. 

    Movie Guys Podcast – Parasite
    The Movie Guys have a heated discussion about the Best Picture Oscar winning Parasite. Ryan goes after Jordan hardcore while Eric tries to see both sides. Can’t miss this!

    Movie Guys Podcast – The Invisible Man (2020)
    The Movie Guys discuss all the plot holes in The Invisible Man (2020).

    Movie Guys Podcast – Birds of Prey
    Join Movie Guys Podcast as they introduce a brand new popcorn rating (a bag of kernels) which Jordan gave Birds of Prey. Of course not all the host agree with Jordan on his views of this terrible film.

    Call It In The Ring – Royal Rumble 2020
    Movie Guys Podcast presents Call It In The Ring and their Royal Rumble 2020 review.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Marriage Story
    So Jordan at the start of the show said that he does not like this movie because he did not care abut the characters. While Eric and Ryan think the opposite. What do you think? Download now to hear our thoughts on this Netflix release movie. 

    Movie Guys Podcast-The Mandalorian
    The Mandalorian review you’ve got to hear. Why? None of the Movie Guys hosts liked the show! What!?

    Movie Guys Podcast – Bad Boys For Life
    Bad Boys For Life. The movie we thought we wanted but didn’t actually need. Hear the Movie Guys Podcast’s thoughts on the third Bad Boys film.

    Movie Guys Podcast – 1917
    Movie Guys Podcast review of 1917.

    Movie Guys Podcast-The Irishman
    Movie Guys Podcast review of The Irishman. Was this movie 10 years too late?

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