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    Movie Guys Podcast-The Mandalorian Season 2
    Eric and Jordan run down the entire second season of The Mandalorian and to our surprise we like this season way more than season 1.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
    The Movie Guys Podcast kicks off their 90’s horror films series with Wes Craven’s New Nightmare.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Enola Holmes
    We don’t really know what to say about this review. It’s kinda a detective movie but then its also kinda a teen girl Hunger Games movie. We don’t dislike this movie but it is kinda mediocre. Download now to hear what we have to say about Enola Holmes. 

    Movie Guys Podcast- Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?
    Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to a special episode of Movie Guys Podcast. Tonight Jordan and Eric debate over the age old question is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Eric says no and Jordan says yes with awesome theories that may or may not convince you. Download now …

    Movie Guys Podcast-80’s Teen Comedy Series
    Well this is it we are done with our 80’s teen comedy series. We have reviewed some good movies and some bad ones. We hope you all enjoyed our new series for this year and we have a great new series coming your way. 
    In this episode we go over all th…

    Movie Guys Podcast-Tremors:Shrieker Island
    Who knew there was going to be seven of these Tremors movies? who knew? but here we are reviewing Shrieker Island starring Napoleon Dynamite. Again who knew? We did have fun talking about this movie though.

    Movie Guys Podcast-The Witches (2020)

    Our first HBO MAX release review for the year! Tonight Eric and Jordan go over all things The Witches. Does this remake hold up to the original? Guess what Jordan never saw the original so there’s that.

    Movie Guys Podcast-Hubie Halloween
    What the HELL was this movie about!? Please someone tell us! Join Eric and Jordan as they break down Adam Sandler movies from Best to Worst. Did Sandlers career go down after Big Daddy? Serisoulsy what is this movie about? Download now to find out. 

    Movie Guys Podcast-The Haunting of Bly Manor
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are back with one of our most anticipated episodes The Haunting of Bly Manor. 
    It has been two years since we review our most popular episode The Haunting of Hill House and tonight we are joined by one of the original host of Movie …

    Movie Guys Podcast – Revenge of the Nerds
    Special guest Randal from Electronic Media Collective is in the house. Tonight we continue our teen sex comedy series with a movie that Jordan has never seen before. Revenge of the nerds.

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