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    Movie Guys Podcast – Risky Business
    Part four of the Movie Guys Podcast 80’s teen movie series. They review Risky Business, a movie Jordan has never seen.

    Movie Guys Podcast – 1922
    So where is the scary ghost supposed to be in this ghost story? Netflix’s 1922 is filled with missed opportunities.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Eurovision
    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Will Ferrell is a guilty pleasure actor for Jordan and he loves most of his films. Besides this one and the rest of the Movie Guys agrees.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Eyes Wide Shut
    We kick off a new series that we call directors’ last films. So with our first episode of the new series we start with Eyes Wide Shut. Brandon Jordan’s brother joins tonight’s conversation and we go deep into this review.

    Movie Guys Podcast-The Last American Virgin
    We continue our Teen Sex Comedy Series with The Last American Virgin.

    Movie Guys Podcast – The Old Guard
    The Movie Guys Podcast reviews The Old Guard, a standard dumb action flick but with a twist!

    Movie Guys Podcast – Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    The Movie Guys Podcast review Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    Movie Guys Podcast – A Whisker Away
    The Movie Guys discuss A Whisker Away. Well, two of them do, anyhow.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Hamilton
    The Movie Guys Podcast discuss Hamilton, the filmed version of the stage play.

    Movie Guys Podcast – The King of Staten Island
    Is Pete Davidson a good actor or a good comedian? The Movie Guys can’t figure it out but they do know one thing. The King of Staten Island is not the movie they thought it would be.

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