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    Movie Guys Podcast Episodes

    Movie Guys Podcast – Fast Times at Ridgemont High
    The Movie Guys Podcast review Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

    Movie Guys Podcast – A Whisker Away
    The Movie Guys discuss A Whisker Away. Well, two of them do, anyhow.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Hamilton
    The Movie Guys Podcast discuss Hamilton, the filmed version of the stage play.

    Movie Guys Podcast – The King of Staten Island
    Is Pete Davidson a good actor or a good comedian? The Movie Guys can’t figure it out but they do know one thing. The King of Staten Island is not the movie they thought it would be.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Porky’s
    Part two of our R rated teen sex comedy series. Tonight we review Porky’s a 1981 film about boys just being boys. We have a different theory about this movie and for the first time in a long time we all three agree.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Starship Troopers
    This week we take a look back at Starship Troopers. Ryan has never seen this movie all the way through before which made for a fun episode to discuss.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Robocop (1987)
    The Movie Guys kick off a two part series with the original 1987 Robocop. Does the film still hold up in today’s world?

    Movie Guys Podcast – Extraction
    Extraction is a Netflix film that is worth to avoid. Download this episode now to hear more detail on why we all do not like Extraction. 

    Movie Guys Podcast-Valley Girl (1983)
    Kicking off with our new series 80’s R rated teen movies tonight we start with Valley Girl. A stalker with a heart of gold and a Valley Girl that is soooo totally in love with two very different guys. This is so like awesome.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Jojo Rabbit
    This week we review Jo Jo Rabbit and Eric and Ryan really like this one while Jordan is grumpy.

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