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Movie Guys Podcast Episodes

  • Movie Guys Podcast – PIG
    Nicholas Cage is back with a performance that many say is his best in years but what do the Movie Guys think?
  • Movie Guys Podcast – The Suicide Squad
    Finally we got a great movie here with The Suicide Squad. This is what the original should have been. James Gunn brought us not only a fun and entertaining film but an amazing superhero/villain film as well.
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Black Widow
    We thought that we would be getting a movie kinda like Red Sparrow. However Black Widow is a family drama with some really great action. Has Marvel done it again? Have they pulled of another great film here? Both Eric and Jordan really liked this film …
  • Movie Guys Podcast – LOKI
    LOKI was the show that we did not ask for but is it the show that we always wanted. LOKI is filled with little Easter eggs for future films and TV shows and that easters eggs are really cool. Now with that being said LOKI also has it’s problems but pro…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Space Jam: A New Legacy
    The Movie Guys Podcast reviews Space Jam: A New Legacy
  • Movie Guys Podcast-House On Haunted Hill (1999)
    Just when we thought it was safe to go back to a another haunted house. We were dead wrong with House on Haunted Hill (1999). This is a movie to avoid at all costs, there is not one thing about it that is awesome. The sad thing is Eric and Jordan grew …
  • Movie Guys Podcast – The Tomorrow War
    So The Tomorrow War is kinda split into three parts. First is an action/war film with great effects and a great time. Second is like a drama with little to no action until the end of the second chapter. Third is weak as weak can get. The Tomorrow war h…
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Cruella
    Emma Stone is bringing it as Cruella. Emma Stone is amazing in this film we loved her a lot. That is only thing we like about this movie. Cruella is way to long with plot holes and a murder mystery that was not needed. Also the timeline is strange beca…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Spiral (From The Book of Saw)
    Why did Chris Rock do this movie? Why the SAW franchise? We truly don’t understand why this movie even happened. Samuel L Jackson was a little fun in this movie but that fun was soon forgotten. We are waiting to review something good.
  • Movie Guys Podcast – I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Okay so how did the creator of Scream come up with this trash on an idea? Don’t get us wrong I Know What You Did Last Summer is a late 90’s classic in its own right and there is a good scary movie in here somewhere.  We are just trying to find the good…