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Movie Guys Podcast Episodes

  • Movie Guys Podcast – 90‘s Horror Special
    Our journey has finally come to the end of our 90’s horror respective series.  Sarah joins us again to talk about all the films that we have reviewed during the series. We rank the films from best to worst and also talk about which one deserves a secon…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Finch
    Tom Hanks! what happened we all thought you could do no wrong. However you did on this movie called Finch. We all have seen this movie before. End of the world with the hero dying of whatever and must overcome the impossible. Yep nothing new here with …
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Venom: Let There Be Carnage
    A movie we wanted but also didn’t want. Venom 2 would be such a great Netflix mini series however we get a short film just under 90 mins. Tom Hardy is great as Venom but he does lost in the role meaning there is not enough. Woody as Carnage was not all…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Dune (2021)
    Do you have to be a hardcore sci-fi fan to love Dune? Jordan thinks so and Eric does not. Dune is a movie that have a long story and many characters. Some of which are hard to follow. This episode was crazy fun to record and we know you all will enjoy …
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Halloween Kills
    Well it’s finally here Halloween Kills in all its glory! Halloween Kills is the second film in the new Halloween trilogy and David Gordon Green is perfect. We went on and on with this review also this review.
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
    Well this was disappointing, Halloween H20 was so awesome in 1998 now looking back we are left wondering in what where they thinking. Its awesome to have Jamie Lee back but did she need to be back? Why is LL Cool J in horror movies in the late 90’s? Al…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – No Time To Die
    In one of our longest standard episodes we talk everything with No Time To Die. We all know that Jordan is a big Bond fan so what does he think about Craig’s last outing? Was having a new 007 really that big of a deal?
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Don‘t Breathe 2
    Who are we supposed to like in the crap! Really this is the sequel to Don’t Breathe…….how? The blind guy kidnaps a little girl and trains her to be a survivalist. Um okay because that makes sense. We also got meth parents and a dog who never get lo…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Malignant
    We decided that Malignant is either a small bag of popcorn or a large bag of popcorn. A movie like  Malignant is asking us to do that because a medium bag of popcorn just can’t cut it (no pun intended).
  • Movie Guys Podcast – A Quiet Place Part II
    Was this the part 2 that we were asking for? Does the second film answer any questions left over from the fist film? Why was this made anyway? We answer all these questions and more in this episode. We break down everything in this episode. When It com…