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Movie Guys Podcast Episodes

  • Resident Evil Welcome to Raccoon City
    The Movie Guys Podcast reviews Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City.
  • My Best Friends Wedding
    We will say a little prayer for you…..for having to watch My Best Friends Wedding. Eric, Sarah and Jordan continue to go down this rabbit hole we call the Year of Love series and along the way Julia Roberts has stopped by to drop this bomb on us. Wha…
  • The Batman
    The Batman is out and the Movie Guys can’t wait to review it. Hear what they think of The Batman (2022).
  • The King’s Man
    The Movie Guys podcast reviews The King’s Man.
  • Uncharted
    Tony from Hey I Like That Game Podcast joins Eric and Jordan to go over Uncharted. First question is did this movie come out years to late? Is Tom Holland a good fit for the character Nathan Drake? Those questions are answered and more.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
    Episode 3 of our Year of Love Series and well……of course before you listen to this episode Eric, Jordan and Sarah all gave Fifty Shades of Grey a NO BAG review. Ok we just wanted to get that out the way however this was a fun episode to record. If …
  • The Power of The Dog
    The Movie Guys review The Power of the Dog, an Oscar contender that demands all of your attention.
  • Scream (2022)
    Why is this called Scream and not Scream 5? Are they trying to copy Halloween (2018)? That is a question The Movie Guys Podcast tries to answer.
  • True Romance
    What do you get when you bring two crazy people together? and a mound of cocaine? You get True Romance which is one of Jordan’s favorite films. Now we all know that Eric has seen True Romance before but Sarah has not. Trust when we say Sarah and Jordan…
  • Movie Guys Podcast – Being the Ricardos
    Lucy we’re home! Join Eric and Jordan as we go down this journey into what happens behind the scenes filming the I Love Lucy show. We are trying to figure out if we really like Being the Ricardos or not because there are some issues.