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Movie Guys Podcast Episodes

  • Movie Guys Podcast – Soul
    Does Soul continue on with the wonderful Pixar reputation? Or is Soul the fall from grace? Eric and Jordan review the new Pixar movie that critics are loving.
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Malcolm and Marie
    The boys review Malcolm and Marie, a slow burn drama film starring John David Washington and Zendaya.
  • Movie Guys Podcast – The Little Things
    This movie is not Se7en!! Do you hear us, please internet do not compare this movie to the classic Se7en! Ok with that out of the way Eric and Jordan go into a deep dive reviewing The Little Things. Download now and let us know if you agree with our re…
  • Movie Guys Podcast- Mank
    Mank is a movie about the guy who wrote Citizen Kane. So the question is do we really need to see the behind the scenes of the script writing process?
  • Movie Guys Podcast- The Haunting (1999)
    The Haunting is the second episode in our 90’s horror series and we hope the series gets better within the year because this one is…..WOW.
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Mulan (2020)
    We continue our live action Disney series with the remake of Mulan. Also in the episode Sara is our special guest. We had a great time reviewing this movie and for the first time in a long time Jordan did not totally hate this movie. Eric and Sara brin…
  • For Your Distraction-200th Special Part 2
    For Your Distraction-200th Special Part 2
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Wonder Woman 84
    Welcome to 2021 and with a new year we have a new episode Woman Woman 84. We have a question, what went so wrong with this follow up to the awesome Wonder Woman? Do many plot holes and characters who are not flushed out. This movie is a mess and we are…
  • For Your Distraction-The 200th Episode
    For Your Distraction-The 200th Episode
  • Movie Guys Podcast-Spinoffs Episode
    We are enjoying our short winter break. We had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year. So while we prepare to bring you all our next review with Wonder Woman ’84. We got a special episode to fill the void. Enjoy this spinoffs episode and we will be…