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    Movie Guys Podcast – The Terminator Series
    The Movie Guys Podcast go over the entire Terminator franchise in preparation for Terminator: Dark Fate.

    Movie Guys Podcast-Zombieland Double Tap
    The Movie Guys Podcast reviews Zombieland Double Tap.

    Movie Guys Podcast – El Camino
    The Movie Guys discuss El Camino, the Breaking Bad movie that came out 6 years after the series ended.

    Call It In The Ring – Hell In A Cell 2019
    Hell In A Cell 2019. Is this the PPV that kills WWE?

    Movie Guys Podcast – Joker
    Joker review! Join the movie guys as they travel to 1981 as Gotham in filled with trash and clowns. You have never seen Joker like this before and this review is not one to miss.

    Movie Guys Podcast- Rambo: Last Blood
    The Movie Guys review Rambo: Last Blood and for the first time ever Ed, Eric and Jordan all agree on a movie. Spoilers, it is one of the worst films they have ever reviewed!

    Movie Guys Podcast
    Now in their 3rd year, the Movie Guys Podcast brings you new movie content every week as well as their monthly Pro Wrestling podcast, Call It In The Ring.

    Movie Guys Podcast-Rambo Franchise
    Eric, Jordan and Ryan talk about everything Rambo all leading up to the release of Rambo: Last Blood.

    Movie Guys Podcast-Going Live

    Call It In Ring-Clash of Champions

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