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    Movie Guys Podcast-Cruella
    Emma Stone is bringing it as Cruella. Emma Stone is amazing in this film we loved her a lot. That is only thing we like about this movie. Cruella is way to long with plot holes and a murder mystery that was not needed. Also the timeline is strange beca…

    Movie Guys Podcast – Spiral (From The Book of Saw)
    Why did Chris Rock do this movie? Why the SAW franchise? We truly don’t understand why this movie even happened. Samuel L Jackson was a little fun in this movie but that fun was soon forgotten. We are waiting to review something good.

    Movie Guys Podcast – I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Okay so how did the creator of Scream come up with this trash on an idea? Don’t get us wrong I Know What You Did Last Summer is a late 90’s classic in its own right and there is a good scary movie in here somewhere.  We are just trying to find the good…

    Movie Guys Podcast – The Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It
    Well the Conjuring series has finally jumped the shark! What happened to this franchise? This movie is all over the place with a horrible plot full of holes. We do not have anything really nice to say about this new chapter in the Conjuring universe.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Things Heard & Seen
    Half ghost story and half drama/thriller. What is going on with Things Heard and Seen?

    Movie Guys Podcast – Army of the Dead
    The Movie Guys review Army of the Dead. Another disappointing film directed by Zack Snyder.

    Movie Guys Podcast – The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
    The Movie Guys Podcast returns to Marvel, this time with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Can you guess which host hated this show?

    Movie Guys Podcast – Scream
    We continue our 90’s horror series with Scream (1996). Out of all of them this might be the best movie in the bunch.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Songbird
    So…..yeah this happened. This movie really happened. Movie Guys Podcast beg you not to watch Songbird (2020). Their review of this movie is so much more entertaining.

    Movie Guys Podcast – Mortal Kombat (2021)
    Is this the Mortal Kombat we really wanted? Movie Guys has been following everything and now we are excited to deliver our review of Mortal Kombat (2021).

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