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Movie Guys Podcast – Parasite

WE ARE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! with a brand new review of Parasite. First of all we would like to apologize to all the fans for not putting this episode out sooner. With the recent outbreak we wanted to take time to be with our families and try to figure this thing out. We wanted to say thank you to all the fans for being patient with us and we will be putting out a new episode every week again.

With the recent outbreak our episode schedule has drastically changed from new movie reviews to older movie and Netflix films. So make sure to check back every week for a new episode. We will be reviewing new movies in the future again once this outbreak has passed. With that said we hope you enjoy the show.

In this episode Ryan goes after Jordan hardcore. Eric tries to see both sides and this turned out to be a really heated discussion. Questions are asked like why did this film with film of the year? and haven’t we seen this kind of movie before? Download this episode now to hear what could be the fight of the year, maybe.