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Weekly Podcast Playlist January 5th – 11th

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 136 – Twelve Johnny’s Sleeping

    On the twelfth day of Christmas Neils true love said to thee 'Neil, I'm sleeping!'

    Book Vs. Movie “The Wizard of Oz”

    Book Vs Movie “The Wizard of Oz” The Margos follow the yellow brick road and my, have their been some changes between the book and movie! “Toto, I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore.”

    #83: Sabrina and the Return of Episode Titles

    Review of the Archie Comics & Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We may have 99 problems but a witch ain’t one! Plus impromptu Riverdale talk and more. This episode originally appeared on GrawlixPodcast.com.

    Let’s be Frank

    Joined in the studio this week by Elle, this discuss circumcision, Kevin Spacey's retort video, and other things that cannot be conveyed via text.

    E359: Braun Strowman forgets how to talk

    Rob and Adam react to the 1/8/19 edition of Monday Night RAW.

    93 The Devil’s Funeral by Edward Page Mitchell

    Do you ever think about the end times ? In this Story a man is walking through time and comes upon a funeral , but this is no ordinary funeral , it’s the devils funeral , and what happens to the world is scary , and a listener nightmare....

    E360: Smackdown Review

    Adam, Brian and Rob discuss WWE Smackdown from 1/9/18

    Episode 146: Godless Glitter – 2019-01-07

    This week Roman and Rob discuss a fake glitter bomb, no religion, banana assault and much, much more!

    4 – Star Trek: The Movies, Insurrection and Nemesis

    A generation's final journey begins as we close out the TNG movies. What is a gorch? Is Nemesis a remake of Wrath of Khan? And how does Jim from Neighbors fit in? Find out with the Re:Trek Crew!

    Movie Guys Podcast- Vice

    Join Ed, Eric and Jordan as they talk about Vice. In episodes we get to hear what Jordan really feels and Ed starts a fight with Jordan. While Eric does not pick sides. Check out this awesome review of Vice. Popcorn Rating Eric  Small bag of popcorn   Jordan ...

    Episode 202 – Pairing Off

    New episode of Bore Meets World: A Boy Meets World Podcast!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership 80

    It's episode 80 of the Pro Wrestling Mothership, and what a week we've had! Darnell and Kevin discuss the AEW rally, Priscilla kelly's bloody assault, results of Impact Homecoming and NJPW WrestleKingdom and MORE!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 268

    James flies solo for the second time! Apparently lightning does strike twice!


    On this episode, Dave calls in to talk domesticated life and Doomsday Clock #4. John interviews creators James Maddox and Eric Watkins from Broken Icon Comics PLUS the winner of our Thanos POP giveaway and Quick Hit Reviews of your favorite comic books.

    #91: JAY FOTOS

    On a new pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod we talk Allison Mack is wack, Justice League gets a summertime shake-up, Reviews of The Curse of Brimstone #1 and Snagglepuss Chronicles #4 PLUS an interview with industry veteran and creator of the Rising Rebels series JAY FOTOS. Show Notes: Mack- 3:30...


    On this jam-packed episode of Parlipod, we discuss the bizarre news surrounding Stan Lee’s blood and the last time plasma mixed with print in the infamous 1977 Kiss comic. Immortal Men #1 from DC infuriates the hosts and Dave makes a suggestion to the publisher to save face. A...

    #94: MACK ATTACK

    THIS WEEK ON PARLIPOD…Dave calls in to talk with John about the Fantastic Four relaunch, Masters of the Universe and MASK movies moving the needle, Allison Mack from cult to clink, Quick Hits, Reviews of JLA #29 and The Terrifics #3 from DC Comics PLUS our new game show,...

    #95: DC NATION

    ON THIS PULSE POUNDING, PAGE TURNING, POTENT PODCAST CALLED PARLIPOD: We investigate DC writer Steve Orlando and debate if he deserved to handle the reigns of the JLA. Reviews of Thanos Annual #1 and DC Nation #0 PLUS: tramp stamp tattoos and a Bendis brawl. Love Comics? Then listen...

    #96: NO JUSTICE #1

    On this awesome audio, adventure anointed Parlipod: Dave is joined by guest host Shawn to discuss what kind of muck-encrusted mayhem they want to see on the new Swamp Thing Streaming Series from DC Universe. They meet Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 in the squared circle and let you...

    #98: Venom’s Mustache

    While Dave is away, the boys will play. Team Johnny Pal discuss mustaches, Venom #1 , Flash #47, and the most excellent Detective Comics #981. All that and quick hits also. This episode will change your world! …or at the very least you’ll have some good books to read.

    #99: I Think We’re Alone Now

    John gives his thoughts on ” Making Fun – The story of Funko” on Netflix, Max Bemis’s run on Moon Knight, Man of Steel #1, No Justice #4, and Doomsday Clock #5. Stay tuned till the end of credits for a very special message.

    #100: “100 episodes and all I got was this t-shirt.”

    One hundred episodes! Where the hell has Dave been! Back issue review of Swamp Thing #100! Justice League #1! Dave drinks sweet tea! ​

    Parlipod #102: Meet Me Halfway

    No hoax, no joke, we are now an Over the Top movie podcast. We did include reviews for Thor #1, Venom #2, Damage #6 ” pile of shit “, and Justice League #2.

    #103: The Adventures of Mr. Bhang

    In this episode, we welcome Takoda Riley to the Parlipod family. We discuss Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 and his creeper mustache, Flash #49 and the twist we all saw coming, and Teen Titans Special #1, does it have enough teen angst?

    #104: Shawn’s Cough Attack

    On this episode of Parlipod Shawn damn near dies. Speaking of death, we review Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. After a long drink of water, we continue the reviews with Wonder Woman #50, and Superman #1

    #105: Crisis in the DC Universe

    On this pulse-pounding episode of Parlipod, John and Takoda talk Crisis in the DC Universe as well as Parlipod’s upcoming reboot. We also review Justice League #4 , Deathbed #6 , and assorted comic talk. After this episode, nothing will be the same!


    From the ashes of Parlipod Crisis, a podcast is reborn! This is the reboot everyone has been waiting for! In this first issue relaunch, guests galore have stopped by to talk shop with us. Kevin Conroy “Batman”, Julie Nathanson “Silver Banshee”, and Fred Tatasciore “Everybody else ;-)”discusses Lego DC...

    #107: Back in the Saddle

    On this episode of Parlipod we talk Farmhand #1, Babyteeth #11, Ice Cream Man #5, and Castle Rock on Hulu. Back in the saddle baby!

    #108: Out of the Mouth of Babes

    Hayden Benedict makes his Parlipod reviewing debut ! he gives the scoop on Rise of the TMNT, and My Hero Academia ! Plus John and Takoda discuss  Suicide Squad Annual #1 , and why you shouldn’t waste your money. Also, we talk great things in store for Justice League...

    #109: The Adventures of The Chicacabra and Mayor McCheese

    This ep we talk Die Die Die, Jugghead the Hunger #8, Ice Cream Man #6 , Boarder Town #1 , Punisher #1, West Coast Avengers #1 and Takoda speaks Spanish. You ain’t better than me Takoda, with your fancy education!

    #110: Bendis and His Repetitive Words

    In this episode, we discuss Cosmic Ghost Rider #3, Red Hood and the Outlaws #26, Superman #3, and Hayden Benedict reviews Marvel Universe Live! Plus what was Takoda’s comment that was so bad it had to be cut from the show?

    Parlipod #111: Takoda loves the Batwang

    In this amazing, spectacular, bonus sized episode we talk the things that were too big for a regular sized episode. First of all Takoda can’t get the Batwang out of his mouth. Listen in as he spits out his thoughts.We also give an in depth review of the DC...

    Parlipod #112: Takoda’s Halloween Beard of Horror

    In this bonus sized Halloween ep Takoda “Dead Cat Beard” Riley and John discuss the new Titans live action show on the DC Universe streaming service, DC House of Horrors, Swamp Thing 100 page giant, Cosmic Ghost Rider #4, Teen Titans #23, Justice League Dark 4 The Witching Hour...

    Episode 36-RCCW Preview

    Josh breaks down all the action planned for River City Championship Wrestling's Breaking in the New Year show! Match predictions, audio from the competitors themselves and so much more!

    SWR Episode 267

    On this edition of SWR The Zigman and Zach Takes break down all the announcements regarding the Impact Pro Wrestling and Wrestling museum hall of fame weekend in July.

    SWR 268

    On this edition of SWR The Zigman and Zach Takes discuss All Elite Wrestling and our hopes for the promotion, we take a look back at NJPW WrestleKingdom and Impact Wrestlings Homecoming PPV! 

    107 – BEST HAUNTS OF 2018

    Tonight’s episode features the best ghost stories and interviews done by horror authors T. Fox Dunham & Phil Thomas in 2018.