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JWJ 59-Off the Cuff with Dustin Smothers

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Weekly Podcast Playlist November 9th - 15th
The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for the week of November 9th to 15th.
Weekly Podcast Playlist November 2nd - 8th
The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for the week of November 2nd to 8th.
Weekly Podcast Playlist October 26th - November 1st
The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for the week of October 26th to November 1st.

Weekly Podcast Playlist January 19th – 25th

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep242- Mac McDonald

    We are joined by Red Dwarf’s Mac McDonald to talk about his roles in Batman ‘89, Top Secret (the Zucker brothers), Aliens, Superman IV, a few credits on IMDB he ISN’T in and of course, a Red Dwarf. All this and your usual favourite Doctor Who features.

    Weekly Podcast Playlist January 11th – 18th

    The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for January 11th to 18th.

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

    In this episode, we talked about the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer! We're rolling out new merch so keep checking our Redbubble store here https://rdbl.co/2EZ8b8P to check out the current items and what's coming soon. We started a fundraiser for NAMI...

    #84: Chew and the Rebound Ron

    Review of Chew Vol. 1 by John Layman and Rob Guillory. Chew is a comic book series about a detective that gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats. Yum! This episode originally appeared on GrawlixPodcast.com.

    Book Vs Movie “The Shawshank Redemption”

    Book Vs Movie “The Shawshank Redemption” The Margos finally take on this classic Stephen King/Frank Darabont movie.

    Hectic Knife

    Dan and Todd complete a watch along review of the Troma film, Hectic Knife!

    E363: Royal Rumble Predictions 2019

    As we prepare for our 3 year anniversary at Royal Rumble; Rob, Adam and Brian make their predictions. Reaction to one of the worst go home shows ever and we ask you to give us your picks for the MOWP Hall of Fame. 

    94 The Spook House by Ambrose Bierce

    In this story two men are travelling when a storm occurs, so they pull into an abandoned house for the night, and some strange things happen including the discovery of some dead bodies.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 270

    Jason and James helm the episode on their own this week while Rob is buried under piles of spring cleaning.

    E364: Royal Rumble Predictions SDLive edition

    Adam and Brian discuss the final go-home show for Royal Rumble 2019. 

    Episode 148: Jupiter Cruise – 2019-01-22

    This week Roman and Rob discuss Mr. Hankey, a bird box brain, a quick vacation and much, much more!

    6 – Star Trek Discovery S02E01 Brother

    Discovery Season 2 has finally arrived! What do we think of Pike? What exactly is the Red Angel? When will we see Spock? All this and more on this weeks Re:Trek!

    The Queer Nerd Episode 8 w/ RJ City

    Episode 8 is here and it's a bit different than the other guests but Darnell just HAD to talk to RJ City. From why CVS receipts are pointless, talks with David Arquette, to why it's so hard for people to just be decent human beings.

    Movie Guys Podcast- Glass

    We have been waiting for two years to see Glass and it’s finally here. Join Ed, Eric and Jordan as they break down Glass. Also the movie guys break down everything M Night. You don’t want to miss this episode the host have some awesome debates check it out. ...

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 82 w/ Guest Cat Moore

    The Fabulous Fashionista invites the lovely Cat Moore to join him in the mothership this week! From WWE's new signings, LGBQT+ storylines in wrestling, to results of Shine, Evolve, and Progress, Cat and Darnell give you the lowdown for this week in wrestling!

    SWR 270: RuggedPro Preview, NXT Takeover and Royal Rumble predictions and more!

    This week we take one last look at tomorrow's Rugged Pro show that goes down in Marshalltown! We also preview and predict NXT Takeover and Royal Rumble! 

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep243- The Best of Squeefest: WANHTPY / Netheads / Dogs Best Friend

    As part of our 24 hour podcast in support of Dogs For Good, we bring you highlights from: 'We Are Not Here To Please You' where guest Steve Ashton talks about his favorate era of Doctor Who Vs New Who. 'Netheads', where Will Wilkins talks about cable cutting and...

    Episode 37- Previewing the Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover Phoenix

    Josh is joined by the returning Dustin Smothers to preview both the Royal Rumble and NXT Takeover Phoenix shows!