Weekly Podcast Playlist January 26th – February 1st

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    Avengers: Endgame

    Weekly Podcast Playlist January 19th – 25th

    The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for January 19th to 25th.

    Book Vs Movie “Jurassic Park” (Replay) Plus. Our Top 5 Spielberg Properties

    Book Vs Movie “Jurassic Park” The 1990 nonfiction by the legendary author, director, and producer Michael Crichton Vs the 1993 Steven Spielberg Blockbuster Film Plus, The Margos pick their "Top 5 Steven Spielberg Properties".

    Dragon Ball Super: Broly Review

    In this episode, we talk all about the newest movie in the Dragon Ball franchise as well as the series as a whole. 

    Issue 41: New Year, Superior Us

    Peter & Dean discuss the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer, Titans, a new book from an indie creator, and speculate on what New Years Resolutions our heroes would have.

    GCU #20: Extended Cinematic Universe Returns

    We look back at GCU #11 - #19 and all 18 movies we reviewed therein and ask... what if? What if instead of mashing up Home Alone and Die Hard we combined Home Alone and Freddy vs Jason? How about Krampus and Die Hard and Drive?

    Kris Holden-Ried from Vikings

    Kris is a television and film actor from Toronto. In his early days, Kris competed in the Pan American and Pan Pacific Pentathlon Championships, and won silver for Riding and Fencing. As an actor, he is well known for his roles on Lost Girl, Underworld...

    E365: Royal Rumble Reaction

    Happy 3 year anniversary to MOWP! Cast includes.. Adam, Rob, Brian, Medine and Steve Awesome

    E366: Royal Rumble fall out

    Adam, Rob and Brian take aim at the road to Wrestlemania. Did we see Dean Ambrose's WWE swan song? Are they gearing Finn Balor for the IC title now? Is Seth challenging Brock? 


    Brian has a conversation with Full Faith Wrestling's Mike Magnum!

    Episode 149: Robotic Eagle – 2019-01-29

    This week Roman and Rob discuss a bald eagle, dog delivery, a back pain cure and much, much more!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 271

    James and Rob discuss the upcoming year of film. They also do a deep dive into the new Spidey film.

    7 – Star Trek Discovery S02E02 New Eden

    We continue our journey through Star Trek Discovery Season 2 with the latest episode 'New Eden'. Are the Red Angels actually Iconians? Is it too soon to see the spore drive again? And what do we think of Tilly's new friend? Find out on Re:Trek!

    E367: Hemp Belt

    Daniel Bryan introduces the new echo friendly Hemp belt and Adam has something to say about it. WWE Smackdown review and reaction 1/31/19

    Favorite Movies of 2018

    The Movie Graveyard kicks off the new year with a mega episode where Goat, Byrd, Matt, Trev and Jelli lay to rest their favorite cinematic gems of 2018.


    Katrina Weidman, co-host of Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown, returns to hang out with horror author T. Fox Dunham on episode 109 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show.