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Weekly Podcast Playlist April 27th – May 3rd

    Book Vs Movie Podcast

    Book Vs Movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”

    Book Vs Movie “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” The 2001 YA Classic Novel Vs. the Beloved 2005 Movie.


    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep255- Star Trek Discovery Special

    Doctor Squee and Paul Gee sit down to talk Star Trek Discovery. From the Red Angels, to Spock 3, to Saru’s swagger and our passion for Pike.


    Grawlix Cinematic Universe

    GCU Bonus: Doom Patrol, Titans, DC Universe

    GCU goes full Grawlix Prime! What began as a Pre-Show quickly bloated into a full on episode so the GCU boys decided why not just


    Droids Canada

    Paul Blake from Star Wars

    Paul Blake is an English actor who portrayed the bounty hunter Greedo in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. A production photograph related to the scene with Jabba the Hutt in Docking Bay 94 shows Blake putting on a Rodian costume on the set.


    Movie Guys Podcast

    Game of Thrones-Season 8 Episode 3


    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E394: Money in The Bank revealed

    WWE reveals the RAW participants for the Money In The Bank latter match. Rob, Adam and Brian give their opinions on why the booking process was flawed and lazy.


    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast

    E395: Smackdown Reaction

    Adam, Bob and Brian discuss WWE Smackdown from April 1, 2019.


    The Roman Pod and Cast Show

    Episode 162: Swedish Spoilers – 2019-04-30

    This week Roman and Rob discuss taxes, playoffs, spoilers and much, much more!


    The Movie Madhouse Podcast

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 282 CKX 2019

    CKX 2019 Monster Pod episode.



    EP#122 Endgame Assemble !

    In this EP the boys welcome their new sponsor. Talk the masterpiece that is Rising Rebels #4. Review Heroes on Crisis #8. And end”game” with a spoiler heavy review of Avengers Endgame!


    Bore Meets World


    Cory learns that getting dumped three times isn’t so bad. Stephen learns it’s good to talk about it, don’t be about it. Kyle learns to stop shouting at the devil.


    Movie Guys Podcast

    Movie Guys Podcast- Avengers Endgame

    Here we go everyone the endgame is finally here. Download this most recent episode to hear what we think about the last movie in the


    What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show


    On Episode 117 of What Are You Afraid Of? Horror & Paranormal Show, horror author T. Fox Dunham shares the story of the haunted Flanders Hotel as part of his ghost stories from the beach.


    Droids Canada

    Pie and Buttered Soup

    The team is home from Philly! They discuss their weekend at the Great Philadelphia Comic Con, Dan’s new pylon, Frank Stallone’s IMDB resume, The SWAT team visiting Dan’s neighbor and we lear about STD’s. No joke.


    Gallifrey Stands

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep257- Avengers: Endgame Special

    Given the Doctor Who link with Karen Gillan, time and space travel and the extensive British cast, we talk Endgame this week with assistance from Nicola.