Weekly Podcast Playlist February 16th – 22nd

    Weekly Podcast Playlist February 9th – 15th

    The Electronic Media Collective podcast playlist for February 9th to 15th.

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep246- Gallifrey Treks: Robert Duncan McNeil / Gigi Edgley at SciFiBall 25

    In a crossover with Re: Trek Podcast we head to SciFiBall25 to talk to Star Trek legends Robert Duncan McNeil (Star Trek: Voyager) and Gigi Edgely (Farscape, Star Trek Continues) at this amazing event in support of Teenage Cancer Trust.

    Book Vs Movie “In Cold Blood”

    Book Vs Movie “In Cold Blood” Truman Capote’s “Non-Fiction Novel” Vs the Richard Brooks Movie

    Nintendo Direct (February 2019)

    Anthony joined us in reacting to the year's first Nintendo Direct and all of the games (and more) announced.

    #86: Classic GI Joe & Tze Chun Interview

    Interview with writer, film director, and comic book publisher, Tze Chun. The whole G-Crew then reviews classic Marvel era G.I. Joe comics in this month’s Poll List segment.

    E372: Elimination Chamber Reaction

    Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast E372: Elimination Chamber Reaction

    E373: NXT Invasion of RAW

    Rob takes back the helm of Monday Night RAWESOME as we discuss @WWE #RAW from Feb. 18, 2018.

    E374: Kofi Gets a Chance

    The MOWP crew with the help of our live audience reacts to Tuesday Night #SDLive from Feb. 19,2019.

    Episode 152: Smokey Fortune – 2019-02-18

    This week Roman and Rob discuss witch craft, holy incense, burning doughnuts and much, much more!

    Tara Spencer-Nairn from Corner Gas and Pat Mastroianni from Degrassi

    Tara Spencer-Nairn from Corner Gas and Pat Mastroianni from Degrassi.

    Drag Me To Hell

    The Goat, Byrd and Trevor battle it out over the Sam Raimi demonic horror flick Drag Me To Hell

    10 – Star Trek Discovery S02E04 An Obol for Charon & S02E05 Saints of Imperfection

    This week we have some catching up to do as we discuss the last two episodes of Star Trek Discovery!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Ep 83 (Let’s talk about the Elephant in the AEW room)

    Kevin is back from his cruise, Darnell isn't sick anymore and whooooo some things have happened. If you've been under a rock, Darnell had a much needed discussion with Cody Rhodes, which brings us to a conversation about true allyship, the passing of r...

    SWR 272: Elimination Chamber, AEW and Dustin Smothers joins us!

    This Zigman and Zach Takes are back with another episode of SWR. This week we're talking Elimination Chamber, the NXT debuts, AEW double or nothing. Plus Dustin Smothers joins us to discuss a very important issue going on in wrestling.

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 274

    First Jason, now James, alone in the studio? What is this world coming to??


    Paranormal investigator, writer and journalist Don Allison chats with horror author T. Fox Dunham about myriad techniques and devices used in the pursuit of parapsychology.

    Abducted In Plain Sight | The Dirt | Oscar Angst | Rival Sons

    Welcome to Episode One Hundred and Sixteen of The Mockers Podcast!

    On The Northern Ice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie

    On The Northern Ice by Elia Wilkinson Peattie