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Weekly Podcast Playlist February 9th – 15th

    Book Vs Movie Stephen King’s “The Stand” (1994)

    Book Vs. Movie Podcast Stephen King Bonus Ep "The Stand” The 1994 Movie Cast & Our Picks for the Cast of the Upcoming TV series.

    EP.#113 That’s So Raven (Lost Episode)

    In this lost episode John and Takoda talk about Kings of Fear, Raven, Doom Patrol, and Heroes in Crisis. Also Takoda might be writing a certain actresses name on his trapper keeper.

    EP.#114 Lightning Round (Lost Episode)

    In this lightning fast episode Takoda and John pay their respects to Stan Lee, review the last issue of the Cosmic Ghost Rider mini series, and review American Carnage

    GCU Outtake: The Greatest Movies Jasper’s Never Seen

    Randy reacts to the greatest movies ever made... that Jasper has never seen. Enjoy this outtake from the Grawlix Cinematic Universe movie podcast.

    95 Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe

    Berenice by Edgar Allan Poe. This is the story of a man with an obsessive disorder who lives in a dark mansion with is female cousin that he falls in love with, and commits a gruesome act upon her corpse.

    Adrienne Barbeau from CannonBall Run

    Adrienne Barbeau began her career in 1963 with the San Jose Civic Light Opera. Movie fans know her best for her performances in The Fog, Escape From New York, Creepshow, Swamp Thing, Back to School, and Cannonball Run.

    Issue 42: View Before You Spew

    The troll culture has centred in on comic movies and Captain Marvel in particular. In this issue Peter and Dean talk about the trend of bashing movies before they are even released.

    E370: Elimination Chamber Predictions #RAW

    Ada, Rob and Brian discuss WWE RAW and make our predictions for Elimination Chamber 2019. 

    The Mockers Are Back!

    The Mockers return from their podcasting exile!

    E371: Kofi Strong

    On this episode of MOWP Adam and Brian talk WWE Smackdown and make more predictions for Elimination Chamber. Kofi Kingston almost goes the distance in the gauntlet match, The Iconics make a push for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles, Charlotte goes full ...

    IPW Hardcore War Preview Show

    Zach Takes is joined by Jason Prentice and Troy Peterson to preview this weekends huge hardcore war show! James Jeffries also makes a surprise appearance on the show!

    Episode 151: Bronx Squeeze – 2019-02-11

    This week Roman and Rob discuss a rude passenger, a hangry pregnant lady, running in traffic and much, much more!

    9 – Interview Special with Robert Duncan McNeill and Gigi Edgley

    In this epic crossover between Re:Trek and our sister show Gallifrey Stands we sent Doctor Squee and Admiral Elliot to Sci Fi Ball. There they had the honour of interviewing Star Trek's very own Tom Paris - Robert Duncan McNeill. As if that wasn't enough they chatted with Gigi...

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 273

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 273

    Episode 1 1960’s Batman Tv Series

    The inaugural episode of The 60's Reboot takes a look at the 1960's TV Show, Batman, starring Adam West and Burt Ward.

    Jennifer Cihi from Sailor Moon

    Droids Canada speaks with Jennifer Cihi, the original English dub singer of Sailor Moon.