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Weekly Podcast Playlist March 16th – 22nd

    Book Vs Movie Stephen King Bonus Ep: “Sleepwalkers” & “Sometimes They Come Back”

    Book Vs. Movie Podcast The Stephen King Bonus Ep With Special Guest Adam Riske (F This Movie) Two podcasting, movie geeks talk about two classic Stephen King stories “Sleepwalkers” & “Sometimes They Come Back” In this special “Stephen King” ep, Marg...

    ReTrek -Ep12- Discovery – Season 2: Ep6 – Ep8 Catch up

    Doctor Squee and Ambassador Nicola catch up with the latest 3 episodes of Discovery. Spock is back and beard, Saru is Ganglia free and Pike returns to his Cage!\Doctor Squee and Ambassador Nicola catch up with the latest 3 episodes of Discovery. Spock is back and beard, Saru is...

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep250- Unheard Gallifrey Stands

    Doctor Squee opens the Gallifrey Stands vaults for some moments that didn't make the show in the last 250 episodes. Thanks for listening to 250 episode of Gallifrey Stands! Listen to us every Thursday in podcast form or every Friday on http://kryptonra...

    Captain Marvel Review and Endgame Trailer

    Phil joins us for the first time in a long time to talk about Captain Marvel and the new Avengers: Endgame trailer!

    #88: Blood Realm & Caleb Thusat Interview

    Review of the indie comic Blood Realm by Robert Geronimo, published by Alterna Comics. Then an interview comic creator Caleb Thusat about his WWII ghost story Nook, running his 9th Kickstarter, and more.

    The Voice in the Night by William Hope Hodgson

    A couple is shipwrecked and in their efforts to survive they encounter a strange fungus that devours all it comes in contact with. Attempts to destroy the fungus fail, and the fungus grows more deadly. About 42 Minutes

    E381: Another horrible RAW episode

    Episode 381 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast featuring Adam, Rob and Brian. We discuss another lack luster showing of WWE Monday Night RAW. Batista shows his acting skills or lack there of in a remote promo, Ronda Rousey's husband gets involved in the s...

    Book Vs Movie “The Color Purple”

      Book Vs Movie “The Color Purple” The Alice Walker Pulitzer-Prize Winning Novel Vs the Steven Spielberg Multi-Academy Award Nominated Film The Margos finally take on the Alice Walker classic The Color Purple which won both the Pulitzer Prize for fic...

    Talking Memes and the Nature Boy’s birthday

    A podcast recorded a few weeks back just in case there is confusion. They wish Ric Flair a happy 70th birthday, talk Eastwood films, Captain Marvel Fanboy heat, New England Patriot's drama, and an in depth convo about memes.

    E382: Vince McMahon’s just hatin’

    Episode 382 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam and Brian react to the 3/19/19 edition of WWE Smackdown Live. Vince McMahon puts Kofi Kingston through the gauntlet, plus one. Dirt Sheets and other professional wrestling conversations.  

    Episode 156: Honey Tongs – 2019-03-18

    This week Roman and Rob discuss buffet manners, sitting too close, a stinky fight and much, much more!

    The Movie Madhouse Episode 277

    Jason, James and Rob start out by discussing Springfield, Kentucky, The James Bond III Film Festival and the webseries Hit! Then they dive right in to an great big pile of rabbit holes!

    Pro Wrestling Mothership ep 86 (Tye Dillinger Model Pics: Good dick)

    Darnell and Kevin are back with this week's late edition (blame Darnell) with all your wrestling news! From Sonny Kiss speaking on AEW, Brie Bella and Kurt Angle's retirement to our Mania predictions (keep in mind, done over a week ago) we share the sa...


    Cory thinks he's turning into a werewolf.

    JWJ Episode 42-IPW Osage Preview

    Josh is joined by the manager of the Stud Club himself, Jason Prentice as they preview the upcoming Impact Pro Wrestling show in Osage, IA.

    Pro Wrestling Mothership Episode 87 (Let’s have a serious talk about racism in wrestling)

    Darnell and Kevin get a big serious this episode and the first 40 minutes are spent talking about racism in wrestling, wrestlers dictating what is important for fans to know and David Starr's political promo.

    Apple Hardware Week

    Today on the show we talk about Apple's big event coming up and how they have released hardware almost every day this week. We talk about the new iMac 21 inch and iMac 27 inch Pro. We talk about the new iPad Air and iPad Mini vs the iPad...

    Gallifrey Stands -Ep251- Series 11 Look Back – Part 1

    Nicola joins Squee & Dottie to talk about the first half of series 11 of Doctor Who.

    ReTrek -Ep13- Connor Trinneer / Dominic Keating / Casey Biggs & Vaughn Armstrong

    Doctor Squee stands in for Commodore James as he interviews Connor Trinneer, Dominic Keating, Casey Biggs and Vaughn Armstrong. Recorded at SciFiBall 22. Originally featured on the Gallifrey Stands Podcast, recorded live at Sci Fi Ball.

    Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny – 141 – Ticket To Rides

    Marveling at Marvel movies our dynamic duo fearlessly dart in and out of the deadly 'Timelanes' of Leaside. Their mission: To not hurl last week's episode's pizza up into next week's episode. Time travel. Weird, huh?